Bully – bully – bully part 2 out of 4

When pausing the story about “Gemsehopper” in part one, Gemsehopper had just become a grown-up – and he had married a wonderful woman.

Shortly upon the wedding – on a cold February morning, Gemsehopper’s daughter was born.

Like Gemsehopper, she was loved by her parents – and she went through 10 happy years without worrying about anything. Until the day, when she was to start at a new school and have new classmates. She had just turned 10.

At the exact moment, Gemsehopper’s daughter entered the class room, she felt the gazing eyes of her future classmates. Already in 4th grade,  small cliques had been established. Impenetrable cliques. Gemsehopper’s daughter was sweet and smiling as well as very clever at school, but it was very hard for her to enter the clique. Luckily, there were two other girls in the class, who hadn’t found a space in a clique either, so Gemsehopper’s daughter became good friends with them

Yet some years passed in the life of Gemsehopper’s daughter. It was time to go the upper classes. Gemsehopper’s daughter really  looked forward to this – right until the day, when she found out that she was to be in the same class as the girls from the parallel class. The girls, whom she already knew from the gymnastic classes. The girls, who mocked her, because she ran in a peculiar way and couldn’t catch the ball. The girls, who were always allowed to choose the teams – and never chose her (which was accepted by the teacher).

Gemsehopper’s daughter was thrown to the ground by even stronger and ore impenetrable clique than previously. Gemsehopper’s daughter tried to make herself invisible. She tried to make herself visible. She tried to be funny. She tried to be clever. She tried to misbehave. She tried to answer back.

On one particular day, Gemsehopper’s daughter actually believed that she had won a space in the clique. She was arriving to class much later than her classmates on this day. When entering the class room, she was applauded by the whole class. “Wow – you are such a good writer” “What a story”. The teacher had chosen her absense to read aloud an essay, which she had wrote. Gemsehopper’s daughter became happy and proud. At last!

The next day somebody hung her up on the pegs next to the class room. She had to hang there, until a teacher came by and helped her get down.

Gemsehopper’s daughter was very happy, when she was declared suitable for highschool already after second grade of the upper classes. She was full of light expectations. However, these were ruined very quickly. It was, as if the clique had followed her, even though the contents were different.

”I really don’t like her at all”, Gemsehopper’s daughter overheard the fashionable girls of the class, whispering to each other.

Gemsehopper’s daughter was strange – very strange. She knew this herself, but although she tried not to be strange, it didn’t help. She did have one good friend in the class, and this did help somewhat. But the friend was not strange, so she had access to the clique. The friend was invited to a little more parties than Gemsehopper’s daughter did and she was not chosen as the last person at gymnastics.

Like Gemsehopper –Gemsehopper’s daughter became and adult and was successful. She did well at work, got a husband and two children and she had good friends.

For many years, nobody knew that Gemsehopper’s daughter was strange. Right until one day, when everything changed again.

Read more about Gemsehopper’s daughter in part 3 next week.

Have en fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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