Spring Bubbles

Do you know this tingling feeling like bubbles filling your entire body?

This is how I feel, when the spring begins to flourish. Flower buts – and early flowers are announcing that NOW – finally the spring is here! Well – it took some time – but here it is at last.

This is the signal for you to appear from your winter hive  (see Esther s Fredagsblog “The bear is sleeping”) and get rebooted. Maybe, you have some practicle tasks in the garden. Maybe your home needs a spring cleaning. Or maybe you have something new yourself, which you want to initiate.

Find the bubbles
But no matter, if it is one or the other thing: Now it is time to find your bubbles. Not necessarily the champagne bubbles (even though it may give the same sensations 🙂 )

No – I am thinking of the bubbles inside of yourself, just waiting to jump out and and dance around and be happy. Maybe some of the bubbles contain some of the projects, which you have been dreaming about for some time now: Writing a book, redecorating your living room, plant a fig, start a company – or maybe fall in love.

I don’t have any bubbles inside of myself
Well – are you really sure about that? Maybe, you just didn’t notice them yet. If you cannot find them – then go out into the nature – and not only for 5 minutes. Go for a long walk and breath it all in. Look at all the sprouting trees and flowers.

You still don’t sense the bubbles? OK – then go home and prepare a nice hot bubblebath. Or buy yourself a bottle of soap bubbles. 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Stop stressing!

I have chosen a photo from my journey to Peru, because this show people, who have chosen a life without any serious stress.
Many people claim that they have stress. But what does it mean to have stress? How do you know that it is time gear down and change your focus to yourself?

We have all tried to be busy – but buing busy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have stress. This depends entirely on how you are handling being busy. You have to be observant, if the stress is starting overwhelm you.

When is stress ok?
It is  ok and natural to be stressed from time to time. In fact, some people are working most efficiently under stress – eg. before a deadline. If you are stressed in a certain situation, your adrenaline contents will increase. This can be helpful if you need to act in an emergency situation. Unless of course the stress is so overwhelming that you are paralized, whereby the stress has the opposite consequence.

Signs of stress
You may be experencing several signs of stress. Some of these are, however, individual from person to person. Here is a few (I am certain you will be able to find a lot of other examples elsewhere)

  • You are not sleeping well
  • You are constantly being tired
  • You forget, what you were just thinking about/talking about
  • Your head is humming from thoughts of stuff you need to do
  • You are making errors
  • You have physical symptoms (such as heavy heartbeat, headache, dizziness, etc)
  • You are forgetting agreements – unless your phone is reminding you in time
  • You do not have spare time to do cozy stuff with friends and family
  • You discover that you can only spare time to a chat on the phone, whilst driving in your car
  • You are so busy, that you believe that you do not have the time to meditate

Etc, etc……

What are the causes of stress?
Well – it is so easy to just say: Don’t stress. Relax… but this is not how our society works today. We are stressing around in order to earn as much money as possible, which we don’t even have the time to enjoy. We are stressing to live up to other people’s expectations to us – or rather our expectations to their expectations to us. I know some wonderful persons, who are sure that their employer expects them to go to work, even though they have flue. “Hmm”, I say… “Are they putting out the red carpet for you then?”

Many employers are so “generous” that they give their employees a free phone, PC, and Internet. The gift being given on account of the employees continue working from their homes – preventing them to have much family time. This is contributing to increase and support the stress, which is already luring around the corner – because of workrelated challenges as well as private issues. If you have challenges at both areas, the stress bomb is ticking even faster. Some are struck faster or harder than others – but we can all be targets.

Disturbances caused by stress
If you have allowed yourself to have stress for too long, you might risk being taken to hospital by an ambulance. Stress can lead to severe illnesses. The more stress you are experincing – and the longer time you have experienced it – the more riscs. This can be both physical as well as psychological deceases – such as depression and anxiety. Besides from this – you life qualitity will be at risc of detoriating considerably. And in this case, it doesn’t matter if you have earned a lot of money because of the stress.

Prevention is important
As mentioned, we can all be stressed – more or less. Some years ago, I experienced severe stress myself. This required a lot of therapy as well as change of lifestyle (and work area). What is very important to know is that if you have experienced severe stress once – you are at risk of experience it again. Therefore, you need to be observant of all the above warning signals. Your body is intelligent, and it will tell you, if something is about to go wrong (you “just” need to listen). You need to prevent the stress from returning:

1. Meditate 1 or rather 2 times daily for 20 minutes (read about Meditation and Mindfulness here)
2. Stay mindful in everything you are doing – both large and small – i.e. be present in the NOW.)
3. Plan you days in blocks (see Esther’s Friday Blog: “What a waste of time”)
4. Write down all your tasks on a prioritized to-do-list and and make a tac each time 1 is done
5. Get reminders of appointments in due time
6. Exercise – but not to much – this might have the opposite effect
7. Eat healthy and regularly
8. Avoid reading or responding to emails after 6 pm and before 7 am
9. Listen to your body and say reject to do something, if you feel that you are about to stress
10. Be caring towards yourself – you are the most important person of your life
11. Remember that it is always ok to say no; the only person you need to be at disposal of 24/7 is you!

What if  I am already stressed?
Follow the same advise – and start examining, which areas of your life need to be re-evalued. Where do you give too much? Where do you give too little? How much time to you have to be good to yourself? If I myself were offered I free phone, PC, and Internet – I would consider saying no thanks. My best advise is to meditate daily. I remember a sentence of a wise man (maybe Dalai Lama), that if you don’t have time to meditate, you need to meditate twice as much.

It is your own responsibility to take the responsibility of your own life
Please remember: It is no good placing the responsibility on others. You are the one saying yes to the stress. If your employer is stressing you – have a dialogue with him/her – or get a new job. If your private life is stressing you – find out, what needs to be different – and act on it. Are you saying yes to too much, make some cuts – and say no.

And remember to get professional help from a doctor and a therapist/coach; by this you are also taking the responsibility of your own life.

Remember that there is only one YOU – so please take good care of yourself.

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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If I were to follow my heart – I would

I believe that most people know this sentence. We might have said it aloud – or we have had it as a thought. Very often, though, is this sentence followed by a “but”

“… but I cannot do that, because then …..”

Even though, we do know, what our hearts wish us to do – we very often do the exact opposite.

Why don’t we follow our hearts?
Often, we go against the wishes of our heart because of fear of the consequences. Not the good consequences of course -like the bubbling sensation – yes maybe even happiness, which may rise, if we follow our heart.

NO – our bad expectations to consequences, which might threaden our lifelyhood in one way or the other.

Maybe you hate your job – but dare not jump into something new due to fear of experiencing financial problems. Maybe you are in a bad relationshiop – but dare not end it due to fear of being alone. Maybe you need to make a choise between two possible choises, but dare not let the heart choose due to fear of the reaction of other people.

Counter arguments are blocking the heart in being heard
It might be difficult to follow your heart. There might be counter arguments, running around in your head trying to make you reject your heart but instead follow the road, which is the most “safe” and “secure”. Often you end up choosing the “safe/secure” road you. You might even imagine that you did in fact follow your heart – but at a point of time later on you’ll discover that you didn’t (It might even take many years, before you dicover this).

Practise makes perfect
How do we learn to follow our hearts? I can only speak from my own experience: Practise – Practise – Practise. Throughout my life, I have too often gone against my heart. By this, I have ended up big or minor unpleasant circumstances, before I have comprehended that this was all due to the fact that I did not listen to my heart, which was in fact shouting to me. Maybe I did in fact know this in beforehand and said: “Well, If I were to follow my heart…. I would”. And then I went against this anyway.

Luckily, I have become better at following my heart now.

Listen and feel
The situations, in which I have know for sure how to follow my heart, I feel this physically in my heart. In fact, very often before the thought has reached my brain. I feel this as a bubbling light sensation – or the opposite a heaviness or sadness. I can also use this consciously, if I reach a situation, in which I have chosen bewteen the road of the heart and the road of the mind (which unfortunately is not always the same). I move my consciousness to my heart – feel it – and act on it (hopefully).s

The stomach speaks for the heart
If you do not quite feel your heart yet, you can turn your consciousness to your stomach instead. Your stomach speaks loudly too – either with a bubbling lightness or a heavy knot.

Maybe you are still not experienced in feeling yourself physically either in your heart or your stomach. By practising mindfulness/meditation you can achieve a great insight – physically as well. You can become better at feeling yourself – and thereby you can learn how to follow your heart.

If you follow your heart – you are true to yourself
Practise being true to yourself and thereby saying yes to your heart!

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is wating for you.

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A short Easter Blog about staying in the present

Look at a cat. Waking up – stretching out – ready for yet another day. A day, in which everyhing is about being in the present and see what happens. Eating – playing – hunting – enjoying life – purring – hissing – being itself on all levels at all time. The funny thing about the cat is that even though it is complete in the present at all times, it is always alert. Ready to react to all dangers and temptations of life.

Look at the little child. Curiously, it wakes up – ready for yet another day. A day, in which everything is about being in the present and see what happens. Trying to cross new borders, playing, enjoying life – being itself on all levels at all time.

When did we let go of the little child, who was capable of being completely in the present? Maybe the now  was not always fantastic – but then the next now was great – and and the next – and the next. But we didn’t even think about this at all – because here we were – right here – right now. We didn’t care about what would happen in a moment. That didn’t matter to us at all.

Until when some day it did. We started having expectations to the next now. And when not doing that – we were annoyed about the past.

Allow yourself to spend your Easter holidays on staying in the present like the cat and the child.

Stay in your present – in your now. Feel – how allowing yourself to stay in the present is making a difference on your togetherness with other living beings. And just keep on staying in your NOW!

Have some fantastic Easter holidays – Life is waiting for you!

In loving memory of the wonderful cat Jolene, who was very good at staying in the NOW all the time

Are you protected?

Sometimes, we may all need to protect ourselves from being drained from energy and exhausted.

Tine Krull Petersen – one of the readers of Esther’s Friday Blog – has suggested to me that I write on this subject.

I guess that most of us recognize that when entering a room, we can feel heavy energy from one or more persons sitting there. This might influence us negatively, making us feeling ill – from exhaustion or maybe even a heavy incomprehensible sadness or other kind of discomfort.

Most vulnerable persons

Especially people being in a close contact to other human beings through their jobs – i.e. therapist, healers, social workers, etc. – are at risk of being drained from energy and feeling exhausted, when they return home from work. Well – yes – this might be “just” because they have been busy – but this isn’t necessarily the case. Even a therapist, healer, or any other person with a fellow human contact, may feel the same amount of exhaution as a person, who has been working for 7 hours.

Stress is an important factor, which might make us more vulnerable and susceptible to other people’s energy field. If you are a highly sensitive person, you will feel these influences more clearly.

We all experience periods of our lives, during which we are more or less exposed to these influences. So – please do not imagine that you are “protected” just because you are not mentioned here.

Why do we get exhausted?

What happens is that the energy field around our entire body has caught up on some impulses from the energy field of the other human being. Some might even experience that their energy “is eaten” by other human beings.

The closer we get to another human being – the more we are at risk of the person (or whatever is surrounding this person), will tap our energy. At the same time, we have collected the other person’s energy, which is not compatible with that of our own. This means that we might be able to feel – what the other person is feeling  or the effect of it.

What can we do to avoid being exhausted?

What can we do, if we are exposed to influences drainingus mentally, physically, and emotionally?

First of all, you need to be conscious about the situations, which are exhausting you the most. Maybe after performing personal care of the inhabitants of a nursing home? Or after having clients in therapy or at healing sessions? Or after discussing something with your sister on the phone? – Or?

Upon this, you can learn how to protect yourself – either before the situation –  if you are conscious about it – or whilst you are in the situation. This can be done by several methods. I am going to mention one very simple method, which can be done fast and easily. Another advantage of this method is that – although you are protected – you will still be present to other people instead of closing off completely and making you unapproachable.

The Golden Spiral

Simply imagine that you inhale a golden spiral through your pate all the way through your entire body. When you exhale, the spiral goes up again through your body again from your feet to your pate. Actually, this simple technique may produce small miracles. You might experience that suddenly you’ll be able to have conversations with people, which previously were very unpleasant. In case you feel the need for it, you may repeat the above a couple of times. I have used this spiral myself successfully many times both in connection with a meditation and on my way in of a door to a room.

The golden spiral is only one out of many other methods, which can be used for protection of your energy field.

 Other methods

If being drained energywise is a general problem for you, I suggest that you learn one or more methods either from me or from another instructor.

I supervise and teach in several kinds of protection – among others a very efficient protection meditation, which I have learned from a shaman many years ago.

Also within the Reiki and Inka tradition, there are good techniques. Read more about Reiki here

Read more about The Inca Tradition here

Take care of yourself. Remember – there is only one you – and you should last for the rest of your life.

Thank you to Tine Krull Petersen for the suggestion to my blog. You can also suggest a subject for my blog. Write to me here.

Do you trust your self-esteem? part two

Last week I wrote about the difference between selfconfidence and and self-esteem – which are two different concepts – though connected I promissed that I would bring you one of the methods of building up your self confidence in order to get coser to a better self-esteem.


Please note that it is utmost important that you are patient with yourself and ready to work hard. The fundament of a bad self-esteem is very often established in your childhood. In our childhood, we really believe that everything our parents say or do are correct – both good and bad. These kind of (negative) convictions are very difficult to get rid of. Sometimes, only tiny actions or words from your parents have given you the idea that you are worth nothing.

Therefore, the tool I would like to present for you is only part of the puzzle, which needs to get assembled in order to show the entre YOU. By using this tools, it is possible to discover the areas on which you are selfconfident – and which areas you have a possibility of gaining self-confidence.

The decision

At first you decide that you want to focus on this task for the next three weeks. This doesn’t mean that you need to go on holiday or cancel all appointsments of your calendar. But you do need to consciously be ready to spend time each day for the next three weeks on doing this process in order to get closer to a better self-esteem.

Week 1

On the first day you place yourself comfortably with a notebook and pen. In order to show that you are really worth something, you should buy a beautiful notebook for this purpose only.

Now you have to write a list of all the things which you KNOW for sure that you are good at.

With this purpose in mind you relax and close your eyes for 10 minutes. You decide that, when you open your eyes you know exactly what to write on the list. Notice your breath – and let your thoughts flow without inviation or rejection.

Upon these 10 minutes, you open your eyes and start writing your list.

“I am not good at anything” Well – you are wrong. It doesn’t have to be major things you are good at. Everything – and I really mean everything can be used. Here are some examples:

I am good at teaching
I am good at listening
I am good at driving a car
I am good at being a good mom/dad to my kids
I am good at singing
I am good at doing the laundry

This way, your list might be very long. This is ok. The longer – the better.

This is the list you are going to work on for the next week. You have to bring your book around everywhere. Any time, you have a little time (but at least once an hour), you read aloud the list to yourself (it is possible to read aloud by whispering without a sound to yourself). This means – eg. that if you go to the bathroom, you bring the book as well.
During the week, you might dicover other things, which you know that you are good at. If so, you just add them to your list.

Week 2

In week 2 you are to focus on stuff, which other people claim that you are good at. Stuff of which you are praised – BUT you don’t really believe is true.

“I am never praised” you might think. Well – I am sure that you are anyway. Like in week 1, it can be major as well as minor stuff.

The process of week 2 is the same as week 1. 10 minutes with a “mindfulness meditation” – after which you write everything in your notebook. The most important is that you write the statements, as if they are already true for you. As if you actually believe that you trust that they are true.

It might be a little more difficult this week – because this week you are dealing with stuff, which you don’t really trust that you are good at. Therefore, it is very important that you read the list “aloud” to yourself many times each day of this week. Make sure that you really digest all the words and allow yourself to really feel what the statements are doing to you. Repeat this proces – and you will discover that you are starting to trust more and more of the statements on the list. You are actually as good, as other people believe that you are. In fact you do deserve being praised. Everytime, you discover that now you do trust the statement, you add it to list no. 1. After transferringcopying the statements to list no. 1 you tick the statement on list 2. This way, you will be able to see how far you got.

Please do not despair, in case you are not able to tick each statement on list 2. As said, it really requires hard work and patience, and the process can be repeated as often as you like.

Uge 3

In the last week you are to focus on stuff, which you would wish to be good at. This can be anything – from being able to make pickled beetroots to flying a spacerocket.

The most important is that after a 10 minutes mindfulness meditation, you write all the statements, as if you are already good at performing them. And yes – the time perspectives might be longer here, but on the other hand, you might suddenly discover that a statement belongs on list 2  – not very far from list 1. Repeat – repeat – repeat like in week 1  and 2.

Upon the 3 weeks, you look at your results. Did you in fact manage to move some of your points up to list 2 or even 1?

Other tools

As mentioned, there are a lot of other tools, which might lead to an increased self esteem. If you wish to obtain more tools to work actively on this, my new 2 days weekend workshop might be interesting for you:

Of course, I name my new workshop:

“Do you trust your self-esteem”

The first workshop will take place on Saturday 2 June and Sunday 3 June at a special introduction price of DKK 1200 per participant. Please read more here. (English translation will follow later).

Do you trust your self-esteem?

The Friday blog last week was about trusting that you deserve, when you are praised. The blog told about persons showing self confidence in their job and getting a receiving a lot of praise. Unfortunately, there bad self-esteem made it difficult for them to trusting that they were as good as other claimed.

Many people believe that self confidence is the same as self esteem. Alas – this is not the case. A person can have a lot of self confidence – but no self-esteem at all.

How is this possible?

A sparkling woman is giving an enchanting speech. Wow – her audience thinks – she’s really got self-esteem. Well – maybe -yes – but not necessarily. Obviously, she has a lot of self confidence. She is showing her audience that she really trusts what she is doing. But this does not mean that she has a good self esteem. What the audience does not know is that upon her splendid speech,she’ll be walking home alone to sit by herself feeling lonely and worthless -maybe because she has not friends – or maybe because she isn’t able to attract a proper boyfriend – or maybe for a third reason.

And the man, who has had the same job for 20 years. He is very good at his job, and he is really confident that he is performing the job satisfactorily. He has also a lot of self confidence as to his job. But on the inside, he might be sad. He doesn’t feel that he is good at anything else in life. He doesn’t have any self-esteem either.

Being succesful is not necessarily equal to having a good self esteem. A managing director may possess a less self-esteem than a unemployed person. Being self confident in one’s job could lead to to increased self-esteem. But unfortunately, this is not always the case. Being self confident may be a stepstone towards a goodself-esteem – but there are no guarantees. A lot of training and active personal development may be required, until self confidence leads to self-esteem.

However, I venture to assert that if a person possesses a good self-esteem he/she also possesses a good self confidence.

Persons possessing a good self esteem know that they deserve being praised, but  if they are not praised, they do not loose their courage. Neither does it matter to them, if they meet a task, which they are unable to perform. They accept themselves in spite of all their “errors/faults”. They know that this is part of being a human being. Even though, you might not be good at skiing, it is ok. You are good at so many other things.

Among other things you are good at being YOU.

Next week I will  give you some ideas as to how to increase your self-esteem by increasing your self confidence.

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In a moment – they’ll find out that I am not as good, as they think I am…..

“In a moment – they’ll find out that I am not as good, as they think I am…..”

I have heard this sentence a lot of times. A person has just started at a new job. Already from the beginning, everything is going terrific for him/her. The boss praises him/her, and she/he has a spendid relationship to his/her colleagues already.

So everything is fine? Alas – no it isn’t. Not at all. Every time this marvellous person is praised by any one, he/she thinks: In a moment – they’ll find out that I am not as good, as they think I am…..”

I have been there myself. Before I chose differently, I had various “career jobs”. Especially, there was this employment in a big American company, in which I was employed as the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director” (or “Executive Assistant” a little more posh title).

The day, on which the recruitment company phoned me to tell that I had been chosen for the position, I almost fell to the ground. Or rather, it already started, when I decidednot to answer the phone, when they called, because I couldn’t bear the thought of how it would be, when I got the expected refusal. Therefore, I let my voice call take the call. I remember that my heart was beating heavily, when I listened to the voice call afterwards. And then – I almost fainted, which was not very convenient, because I was sitting in my car.

I was still wondering, why they had chosen ME to this position, when I started the job. And my superior – the Managing Director – took me by surprise, when he praised me, because he was very content with my work.Derfor startede jeg også med en undren over, at det var netop MIG, som de havde udvalgt til stillingen. Da jeg fik den første evaluering fra min

Was I happy that he praised me? Well – yes maybe for 10 seconds. Because on the 11th second all the doubting thoughts overwhelmed me. In a moment -he’llfind out that I am not as good, as he thinks I am….. He will find out that I am only pretending to be good. He didn’t by the way – so I could have stopped worrying immediately. I did – however – make a huge carrier shift later on – but that is another story.

Later on, I started practising in believing that if anyone praised me – it was the truth. I was actually good at my work. At the beginning it was difficult – but practise makes perfect.

Do you recognise this unnecessary lack of trust, when you are praised by anyone – i. e. superiors, colleagues, friends, or family?

If so – NOW it is time that you start practising in trusting that you are actually very good at what you are doing.

So instead of thinking:”In a moment – they’ll find out that I am not as good, as they think I am…..”, you allow yourself to absorb the praise – and feel the thought: “When they say so, it must be true. I am actually good at, what I am doing”.

Suddenly, one day – you’ll discover that you really believe this. And suddenly you don’t even need other people to tell you that you are good at something. You know it yourself. The negative conviction has dissappeared.

When will you start practising?

Good luck!

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Bully – bully – Bully part 4 out of 4

As I ended my blog last week – this question: Is it ok to bully another human being and exclude him/her from a group – because he/she is “strange” and “different”? Is it ok to rule a person out – instead of diving a bit into this person and getting to know him/her on a deeper level?

If we did this, we might discover that this person is “just” a human being like ourselves – and not any “stranger” or ” more different” than we are ourselves.

What happens is actually very “natural” in respect of social psychological terms. From the world of the animals, we know that there is an alpha male, who is ruling over all the other animals of the flock. Some of the weaker animals of the flock risk being expelled from the flock, if they do not know how to gain power.

The same applies for the world of the humans – when another human being is expelled from a flock.

Very often bullying is implemented by one single alpha person, who is usually very strong and powerfu. The person owns charisma, authority and is popular. The alpha person is very good at gathering other persons around him/herself. Persons admiring him/her. What will happen then is quite natural. The opinions of the alpha person are adopted, accepted, and lived out by the flock surrounding the alpha person.

If the alpha person is turning his/her eyes upwards when seeing the “bully victim” – the flock will copy that. If the alpha person is sighing abusively towards the “bully victom”, the flock will copy that. If the alpha person is ignoring the “bully victom”, the flock will copy that. If the alpha person is physically pushing the “bully vicim” – the flock will accept this without protesting. And so on ……

The flock surrounding the alpha person are consciously or unconsciously followers joining closely up to the alpha person. If we imagine a big flock – centered by the alpha person – the inner circle of the flock consists of the most intense followers. This circle might then be circled by another circle of followers at the edge of the flock. The latter might not be as intense as the first mentioned. They might slip out of the flock from time to time to interact with others outside the flock. Maybe they even interact with the “bully victim”. Maybe they even like the “bully victim”, but do not have the courage to reveal this to the flock – because it is so “cosy” and “safe” to be nearby the alpha person. Finally, they might not realize what is really going on.l

The above scenario can be seen in the world of the children as well as in the world of the adults. There isn’t a certain age, which is pre-dominant as to bullying.

What can we do in order to stop bullying other human beings? What can we do to stop being followers because of a fascination towards being close to a alpha person.H

When will the parents start teaching their children that it is not ok to bully other children and pushing them out the group? I know a child, who was not invited to a party, because the parents of the classmate found that the child was too strange.

I want to join the current debate on bullying. In order to succeed in getting a society, which we can be proud of forwarding to our grandchildren – we have to stop the bullying NOW. Whether it is bullying of children or adults.

What on earth are you up to – parents? Get up from your sofas and teach your lovely children about moral and respect towards other human beings. Do it – before it is too late, and your children end up as alpha persons, gathering followers to bully other human beings.

And to the teachers, who have still not comprehended that other people’s children are spending most of their lives together with you. You own the responsibility as well. I do know that the schools are more focused on the bullying problems now – but still not enough

And to the grown ups, who consider bullying of other grown ups to be quite allright. You should be ashamed of yourselves! You are supposed to be the rolemodels of your children – so where does this lead us to?

Even though a person is “strange” or “different” this is not an open access card to bully the person and keeping him/her out of the flock. Neither when in respect of a child nor in respect of an adult.

Bullying is never ok – children or grown ups!!!!

For the curious person, who might still not have found out:

I am Gemsehopper’s daughter. My wonderful father – whose name is not Gemsehopper, of course – got his revenge many years later, when he accidentially met the gym teacher’s daughter. After the meeting with my father, she went home to her own father and scolded him.

And me – I have survived all of it – I have become wiser and better at saying “never mind”

And – well – yes – I am still both strange and different – but I am actually rather proud of that.

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Bully – Bully – Bully – part 3 out of 4

When we left Gemsehopper’s daughter last week, she had had some years, when nobody had found out that she was strange. Gemsehopper’s daughter had become an adult. She had dealt with other challenges in life, which had all taken part in making her a strong.

Therefore, Gemsehopper’s daughter had a lot of carriage in her backpack, when she met this new grown up and very stronge clique. This clique was strong because of the very strong clique leader.

The clique leader was a very clever man, so very soon he discovered that Gemsehopper’s daughter had a secret. The clique leader noticed that Gemsehopper’s daughter was strange.

The clique leader was also a very crafty man. At first, he pretended that Gemsehopper’s daughter wasn’t strange at all. The clique leader showed her that she was welcome to join the strong clique.

The clique leader was very good at pretending that he didn’t find that Gemsehopper’s daughter was strange.

Although from the very first approach, Gemsehopper’s daughter did have some negative premonitions as to the the the clique leader, she now believed that her premonitions had just been created by her imagination. For once, her strong intuition had failed. Gemsehopper’s daughter now believed that this was not a clique, but a group of spiritual persons. A group, who really looked upon her as an equal.

However, she was soon to realize that her prior intuition had told her the truth: Once again she had encountered a clique – and this time much stronger than ever before…..

And by this, I could go on and on telling the story about Gemsehopper and his daugther forever.

The big question is: Must it really continue?

Must human beings really continue to bully and be bullied from cradle to grave?

Aren’t you exaggerating a bit – Esther?

Maybe – but didn’t you never hear about parents, giving more attention to one child than to the others? Or bosses and employees, freezing out a colleaque, so he/she collapses? Or the inhabitants of a nursing home, who do not want to have dinner with old Marjory, because she is drooling, when she eats?

These are all examples of bullying. Some more severe than others.

The truth is that we have all been bullying others – most often without even knowing it.

When an ex-boyfriend claimed this a few years back, I protested loudly: ”No – I have never bullied anyone.”

Later on I considered this. Was this really the whole truth?

What about Jorgen in primary school, whom I and a friend had called and teased from a phone box?

And what about those incidents, when I myself had seen a person as being “strange”. Yes – I get really embarassed, when thinking about this. No – I do not really think that I have bullied anyone on purpose – except from Jorgen – (sorry about that Jorgen). But even thinking that another human being is strange is not a positive thought. Nobody really knows the background of this person or his/hers personal sufferings.

The big question is – whether a person being considered  as “strange” entitles other persons to bully him/her? Is it ok not to invite a person into a group – just because he/she is “different”?

I wonder what might happen, if we “dived into” this fellow human being – and invited him/her into our group?

What if cliques were abolished and replaced by open and more non-biased groups?

Read more next week – and please feel free to state your opinion – whether you agree or disagree with me.

Have fantastic weekend– Life is waiting for you!

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