Quantum Time Travel Technique
Are you ready to transform your life?

As the first one in Denmark Esther Oekaer now offers QTTT. The technique is amazing in regards of healing any traumas of your life. QTTT has been developed by Jen McCarty from Great Britain. You might know Jen as the founder of the great Facebook group “The Event is Happening”. Amongst other things, she is a spiritual teacher, illuminati, and trauma therapist. QTTT means Quantum Time Travel Technique.

Jen McCarty has used the technique on more than 1000 clients with fantastic results. Many clients are experiencing such a trauma release that it is almost a miracle.

Esther Oekaer has been personally certified to QTTT Practitioner by Jen McCarty, and Esther is very proud to add yet another tool to her healing and therapy tool box besides from Reiki, Inka, Soul Body Fusion, TFT/EFT and coaching.

QTTT is much more than a therapy tool. It has a tendency of healing on several levels, allowing you to live your life more freely, as you wish for.

Quite unique kind of trauma therapy
Even though, I have several trauma therapy tools in my toolbox, I must admit that QTTT is a tool, which is extremely unique and very efficient. I have already used the technique on several other human beings, and they all feel released from burdens, which they may have carried around for years.

The traumas we experience throughout our life will often freeze and repeat themselves as loops, until we get them healed. Maybe you had a dominant person in your life, when you were a child and keep meeting the same kind of partners as an adult, making your life miserable.

Does everyone need to be healed from past traumas?
The brief reply to this is “yes”, but we might not all realize this. Maybe we have the belief that our childhood was very happy. However, many traumas in our adulthood have an underlying trauma from our childhood. During a QTTT session, I will help you unravel the relevant trauma.

What if I only remember traumas from my adulthood
If we are not able to find any relevant traumas from your childhood, we can easily do the QTTT process anyway. In such case we’ll start the process from the specific frozen trauma, which has taken place in your adulthood. Upon this, the healing will start.

How is a QTTT session
Upon unravelling your underlying trauma, by talking (a special technique, I have also learnt from jen McCarty), I will guide you on a “journey” back in time to meet your past self right after the trauma has taken place. From this point, the healing and release will evolve.

What happens afterwards
After a session, you can feel a big relief, making you ready to live your life more fully. In the days/weeks after, you will integrate further and feel the transformation even more.

How many sessions do I need?
Human beings are all different. Some people feel so much relief after a session that they don’t feel that they need another session. Others may return for a session after having integrated the first one. And others may want a series of sessions to get a release on more traumas. It is totally up to you. I never bind anyone for a series of sessions. However, if you want me to, I will advise you how to proceed.

Introduction Price
If you pre-book before 1 November 2020, you will get a introduction price of DKK 599.- per session (OBS pensioners and students only DKK 500.-). Bookings after 1 November 2020 will cost my normal price of DKK 799.- (apart from pensioners, students and unemployed). You also have an option of a special discount, if you buy one of my special discount cards for 5 sessions).

Book a session here – or directly on info@qttt.dk


The above painting symbolizes the light winning our the darkness giving birth to something new and more powerful. It was painted by the internationally awarded artist Irene Larsen of Irenesmalerier, who has named it “Nuets Kraft” (The Power of Now)