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In person extra DKK options: cash, and Mobilepay

Installments: Viabill

All DKK prices: Incl. Danish Vat

Rabatmuligheder:  Klippekort for alle og gode rabatpriser for pensionister, ledige og studerende. Se nederst på siden

Sessions – (Zoom, Skype or in person):

Healing, QTTT (Quantum Time Travel Technique), coaching, Soul Body Fusion®, TFT/EFT

Session online on Zoom or Skype or in person at my place:
Healing, QTTT Time Travel Technique, Coaching, TFT/EFT, Soul Body Fusion, and distant healing
DKK 950.-
Discounts: 5 sessions: DKK 3390.-
Please ask for discount, if you are on social welfare only

Soul Body Fusion Practitioner certification online or in person

Soul Body Fusion Practitioner Certification
DKK 1250.-

Reikihealer Education – (in person courses)

(see description)  (See calendar)

Reiki 1 course
DKK. 2200.-
Reiki 2 course*DKK. 2700.-
Reiki 3 course**DKK 3100.-

Deposit Reiki Courses: DKK. 500.-

Reiki Master Education

Read here Danish text

Reikimaster and Reikimaster Teacher together
DKK 33.390.-
Just Reikimaster – 1 modulDKK 15.300.-
(Access Reiki 3)
Just Reikimaster Teacher – 1 modulDKK. 22.000
(Access Reikimaster)
OBS: All Payment in EURO/USD/GBP only for prepaid courses for persons living outside DK

Deposit: DKK. 1000,-