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I always know better than you!

Do you know the kind of people, who always know exactly, what…

Oh no - it is raining again

Upon a long and warm summer, we now sense the breath of the Autum.…

Listen Listen Listen!

Life is full of challenges Yes - life is full of challenges.…

Careful what you wish for

Everything you wish for is fulfillable - and this applies to…

Take care of your own karma!

As mentioned in my blog on Ayni, there is good as well as bad…

Get out!

Instead of staying inside being lazy, you should get out into…

Going to Bloksbjerg ... or??

Tomorrow will be Midsommer. In some countries like Denmark this…

Tidy up your mess

We know this sentence from our childhood - and we are repeating…

Smile to the World .......

"Smile to the world - and the world will smile back to you" -…

Medicine Walk - keep an eye out for the signs

My attentive reader might have noticed that this is the second…

Say thank you!

Some people claim that they have nothing to be grateful for. This…

Huge and small miracles (or the story about the sausage)

Life is full of miracles What is a miracle? Every day of…

Temper your impatience!

I haven't always been patient - but I dare say that I have become…

Let go of your worries - and live in the moment!

Maybe you read the Mark Twain quote of Esther's Monday Bubble. “I've…

Spring Bubbles

Do you know this tingling feeling like bubbles filling your entire…

Esther’s Travel Blog
Initiation Journey to Peru

Peru - an Initation Journey - part 4

  Part 4 of my fantastic initiation journey to Peru initiates…

Peru - an Initiation Journey - Part 3

  On of the climaxes of my journey to Peru was - of course…

Peru – An initiation Journey – part 2

  The following is part two…

Peru - An Initiation Journey - part 1

  In a way I always knew that I would eventually go to…

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