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Do you trust your self esteem? part two

Last week I wrote about the difference between selfconfidence…

Do you trust your self esteem?

The Friday blog last week was about trusting that you deserve,…

In a moment - they'll find out that I am not as good, as they think I am.....

"In a moment - they'll find out that I am not as good, as they…

Bully - bully - Bully part 4 out of 4

As I ended my blog last week - this question: Is it ok to bully…

Bully - Bully - Bully - part 3 out of 4

When we left Gemsehopper's daughter last week, she had had some…

Bully - bully - bully part 2 out of 4

When pausing the story about "Gemsehopper" in part one, Gemsehopper…

Bully- bully - bully - part 1 out of 4

This is the story about the boy, who was called "Gemsehopper"…

Are you also fond of Displacement Activities?

I wonder, if other people are using displacement activitities…

People come - People go ........

Yes - people come - people go. The only thing, of which you can…

The bear is sleeping

January - dark - grey - heavy - and very long! Anyway, it feels…

Life is waiting for you!

It happened. It's 2018. As usual,  the year was in a hurry…

A three-steps-New Year Rocket for a Happy New Year!

New Years Eve is close. What does New Years Eve mean to you?…

Sweet Christmas - part 3

Now - we are almost there - Christmas is near. You are probably…

Sweet Christmas - Part 2

Esther's Friday Blog yes - in this sweet Christmas time, we…

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Initiation Journey to Peru

Peru - an Initation Journey - part 4

  Part 4 of my fantastic initiation journey to Peru initiates…

Peru - an Initiation Journey - Part 3

  On of the climaxes of my journey to Peru was - of course…

Peru – An initiation Journey – part 2

  The following is part two…

Peru - An Initiation Journey - part 1

  In a way I always knew that I would eventually go to…

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