Listen Listen Listen!

Life is full of challenges
Yes – life is full of challenges. Small as well as huge ones. From a punctured tyre to serious illness and death. Obviously, some people har tortured more than others. They may experience illness and death a lot of times.

It is no competition
Do you know the kind of people, who seem to listen to another human being’s problem – but is busy taking over as soon as possible to tell about their own problems? Some times, it is like a competition, in which they need to show that they are a little more sick or unlucky than other people. Why is this? Could it be the Danish “Jantelov”, ruling on this very obscure area as well.
My problems are more important than yours:

  • I am more ill, than you are
  • I have less money, than you have
  • I have had more narcissistic partners than you have
  • Loosing a job is worse for me than for you
  • or……..

Respect and acknowledge the Universe of another human being
Nobody avoids challenges and worries. There is something for everyone.

Yes – your challenges might seem to be more serious than other those of other people. But it is important to understand that in exactly this Universe, his/her challenges are huge and might feel unsolveable. Even though you don’t understand this.

Strong persons
I know some persons, who are very seriously ill. In spite of that, they are positive and optimistic.

What is even more admirable and beautiful: Despite their own very big challenges, they are always ready to listen to other persons. They listen without being in a hurry to tell about their own challenges. They have understood the important lecture that all of us experience challenges – which now and then feel just as serious as e.g. serious illness.

The degree of the challenges are changing
Perhaps, one of the secrets is that these strong persons previously have had “minor” challenges, which have filled up their lives. Now the degree of the challenges have changed, so they no longer let themselves be influenced by this like before. Now they could choose to compete with others. But instead they remember, how their lives used to be before, so they know that even small challenges might feel big.

Or maybe, they are present and listening, because they need to get distracted from their own challenges. Or maybe it is a combination.

To be present
Practise in being present and listening. Stop yourself, next time you are just about getting into a competition as to who is feeling the worse.

If you know someone, who going through some rough times – please call her/him. Listen and be present 100%.

Do not wait, until he/she calls you. Maybe, this humble peson has down-graded his/her problems, so you do not realize, how bad it is. But it doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t need you.

By making space for others – you will discover that you get much more in return.

Maybe you already are this person. The person, who is always there for other people – and who always listens.

If so, I just want to say: Thank you for YOU! And thank you for teaching me to be like you!

And maybe you’ll be so lucky that other people start listening to you too. You deserve it.


Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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