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Just for today, I will be grateful

Just for today, I will be without worry Just for today, I will be without anger Just for today, I will be grateful Just for today, I will be honest to myself and others Just for today, I will show love and respect to everybody and every living thing This is the next chapter of […]

I always know better than you!

Do you know the kind of people, who always know exactly, what is best for YOU? “No, you should do this instead”. “Don’t eat that. It is not healthy for you”. “Why don’t you”…… etc. etc. It can be enormously irritating being the person, who is always told by others that he/she should do things […]

Oh no – it is raining again

Upon a long and warm summer, we now sense the breath of the Autum. I asked a woman today, what I should write in blog. She knew immediately what to suggest: “Write about the rain. About people complaining about the rain”. There is no bad weather Well – I think I’ll dare going a little […]

Listen Listen Listen!

Life is full of challenges Yes – life is full of challenges. Small as well as huge ones. From a punctured tyre to serious illness and death. Obviously, some people har tortured more than others. They may experience illness and death a lot of times. It is no competition Do you know the kind of […]

Careful what you wish for

Everything you wish for is fulfillable – and this applies to “what you really wish for” as well as “what you do not wish for” (I do, however believe that the pigeon in the middle is very happy with the fulfillment of its wish). Resonance You might remember my recent blog about karma. Everything will […]