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Take care of your own karma!

As mentioned in my blog on Ayni, there is good as well as bad karma. “the law about reason and effect” Do good to others In short karma means: What you give – you will receive”. If you are good to others, others will be good to you. Someone might protest that they are always […]

Get out!

Instead of staying inside being lazy, you should get out into the nature. Luckily, this is an easy task today, when it is summer, warm,, light, and nice. But actually, wonders happen all the year around. Weed I still remember a day a lot of years ago, when I had a little garden. I wasn’t […]

Going to Bloksbjerg … or??

Tomorrow will be Midsommer. In some countries like Denmark this reminds us of words like witch and Bloksbjerg, because this is the evening, when we burn witch dolls on big fires on the beaches. Afterwards, the witches will be forwarded on flying broom sticks to Bloksbjerg (Germany). Well I might be a witch – but […]

Tidy up your mess

We know this sentence from our childhood – and we are repeating this to our children. But what about you? Are you good at tidying up? Why doesn’t she just mind her own business – you may think. Well – simply because this can be influencing on our well-being. If everything is a mess on […]

Smile to the World …….

“Smile to the world – and the world will smile back to you” – is this true? Hey what is up to? What do you do, when a person smiles at you? Flustered because exactly this man/woman is smiling at exactly YOU, you don’t smile back, until it is too late – and he/she has […]

Say thank you!

Some people claim that they have nothing to be grateful for. This is a conviction, which might be self-enforcing. Negativity breeds negativity – positivity breeds positivity. This applies to gratitude as well. There is plenty for everyone In fact, the Universe is full of abundance. There is plenty for everyone. “New age B.”, you might […]

Temper your impatience!

I haven’t always been patient – but I dare say that I have become much better. Once in a while, I am still a little to eager for something to manifest – but life has taught me that it is worth while being patient. Who are impatient? This is very individually. Some people have more […]