Say thank you!

Some people claim that they have nothing to be grateful for.

This is a conviction, which might be self-enforcing. Negativity breeds negativity – positivity breeds positivity. This applies to gratitude as well.

There is plenty for everyone
In fact, the Universe is full of abundance. There is plenty for everyone.

“New age B.”, you might think. “She has been reading to much in “The Secret” (a book focused on how to create abundance).

The truth is that I have just scimmed the above book, so this blog is based on my own experiences only. The readers, who read my blog last week on miracles – in which I miraculously got a sausage at the most perfect time  – might remember that I wrote that I remembered to be grateful afterwards.

And this is exactly, what it is all about: By showing gratitude, you will receive more!

To whom should I be grateful?
What is she speaking about? Who does she want me to say thank you to? Well – in my case, I started saying thank you to the shopping assistant. After that I felt overall gratefulness towards the incident (I was hungry, as you remember).

Whom you say thank you to is not important. The word “Thank you” is enough. It doesn’t matter, whether you say thank you to a God, the Universe, you old teddybear – or to yourself. You don’t even have to decide, whom you want to be grateful to. The gratitude will reach the right place.

Start with the easy ones
Most people can find something to be grateful for:

  • I  get food every day
  • I have a place to live
  • I have a wonderful family
  • The sun is shining
  • A rainbow
  • A little child, sending you a smile
  • A person, helping you with something
  • And ……….

Pure gratitude is enough. Remember to be grateful for even tiny things happening to you in your everyday life. Maybe you find a one-Euro on the ground: “Thank you – now I have the coin, I need for a trolley or an icecream.” By showing gratitude towards everything – including (seemingly) small things – greater stuff will happen to be grateful for. (Yes – it is true 🙂 ).

Thank you in advance
You might even start saying thank you – already BEFORE you have received/experienced, what you wished for. You might already know that it is possible “to order” a parking space in beforehand. Every time, I remember to to so, I succeed in getting one. I have even experimented on ordering one specific parking space out of many possible – and I have succeed in achieving that as well – several times. And how do I do that? By saying “thank you” in advance.

Turn something negative into something positive
Sometimes, I say thank you for something, which I might not really feel grateful for at first glance. This happened today, when I was driving on the highway. While passing under a bridge, a stone hit the front window of my car – giving a big “clonck”. Oh no – the window was damaged. Well – no, I was not happy for this – but then I thought: “Thank you for this happening on the passenger’s side of the window instead of the driver’s side. Now, I don’t need to hurry to have it fixed”.

You need to feel the gratitude as well
There is another important ingrediense: The feeling of gratitude. You need to feel that you are grateful. Maybe as bubbles or a feeling of peace inside of you. This will make a positive difference. It might be difficult at the beginning, but practise everyday in saying thank you for everything big as well as small things. Maybe you wont feel anything at the beginning – but you improve.

One last ingredient
Let go – let go – let go. And see what happens.

Show gratitude to everything 
And I really mean everything. The more grateful you are for receiveing big and small things – the more you will obtain.

You still don’t believe me?

Let me give you an example, which might explain it on a more down-to-earth manner:

You give a present to a person. The person receives the present – without saying thank you.

Ok – How much do you really want to give a present to this person again?

And now – try to turn this statement the other way around……….

You see now …… ? 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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