Reiki 1 course in English:

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Learn traditional Reiki from a well-experienced Reiki Master Teacher, who is in direct alignment from Dr. Mikao Usui.

You will get 4 initiations as well as the first important Reiki Key symbol, which is essential for a correct, clean, and strong Reiki Channel.

You will also get a thorough teaching from Reiki Master Teacher Esther Oekaer, and after this course you will be ready to practice Reiki on yourself and others – including clients.

Besides from Reiki, you will also learn two easy cleaning techniques from the Inca tradition, as well as an easy and effective protective meditation.

Learn Reiki now. Reiki is for everyone.

Price per person: DKK 1800.- incl. vat
Deposit: DKK 250.- per person. You will get a payment link on e-mail

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