Huge and small miracles (or the story about the sausage)

Life is full of miracles

What is a miracle?
Every day of your life you can experience huge or small miracles. You just have to recognize them. Some times, something happens to you, which might seem “insignficant”, which is in fact a miracel. Here are some of the more obvious miracles:

  • When a person is cured from a “usually” uncurable desease
  • When a person is rescued from a serious accident
  • Everytime a child or other living being is born
  • When a coupled, who have been “doomed” childless – suddenly “are expecting a child”
  • The miracles of nature – i.e. the cave on the photo

The above are some of the miracles, which are the easiest to acknowledge as being miracles.

Other miracles might be more difficult to see -but they are there. I make an effort out of discovering all the miracles of my life.

One of my latest examples of a little miracle, felt very huge to me:

The sausage
One afternoon, I had just been teaching and was on my way to visit a family member at a hospital. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring my lunch, so I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast. I was hungry as well as dizzy, and it didn’t help to drink water. I decided to buy some fruit in hospital shop, but all the fruit was bad. “Ok”, I thought – “I’ll have to try to drink some more water, because I don’t want to eat candy”. I went to the shop assistant to pay for the little gift, I had bought.

In the exact moment one of the other shop assistants said: “Would anyone here like to have a sausage. By mistake, I have just cut it into two slices”.

Normally, I am don’t eat much meat at all – but I quickly replied: “Yes – please – I would very much like that.”

This divided sausage saved the rest of my day. I ate it with great pleasure – and afterwards I was ready to go visit the patient.

The most important thing was that I remembered to be grateful!

Keep an eye out for the miracles
Remember this: Miracles are everywhere. Both the huge miracles and the small ones. Some of them are easier to discover than others. But I promise you: If only you get started noticing them – you will find that they happen much more often (than you believe in, while reading my words about a sausage)

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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