A three-steps-New Year Rocket for a Happy New Year!

New Years Eve is close by.

What does New Years Eve mean to you? Do you have a three-steps-New Years rocket like I have?

Step one
First step of my New Years rocket is a reflection on the year, which has passed.

Which positive experiences did I have?
Which “negative” experiences did I have?
In which did I succeed?
Where did I do “wrong”?
Who made me happy?
Whom needs to be forgiven – or the other way around – or both ways?
Who – what………..

Do you wonder, why I put all the “negative” words in question-marks?

The more “negative”-loaded words have a kind of a built-in opportunity for self-development. Words, enabling us to look deeper into ourselves and thereby maybe releasing the emotions, which made us use the words in the first place. Remember that we are all mirrors to each other.

Upon having reflected on the year, which has passed – I go on to step two of my News Years rocket. Here I “decide” what I would like to bring with me to the new year of the same adventures/experiences/words.

I ask myself:

What would I like to work further on?
What would I like to release completely now?
What would would I like to “invent” of new initiatives and beliefs for the new year?

The most important now is to let go of everything, which has been burdening you through the year, which has passed. If this is difficult, you might find the ballon method useful.

When you sense that you have let go of the the heavy stuff, you may imagine that you have a nice bag, which you fill up with all the light, fun, fantastic and loving, which have made you happy during the year. When the bag is complete full, you close it carefully. Like this, you are able to bring in a happiness bag into the next year. A happiness bag, which you can open and have a look into, every time you need an encouragement.
If you need something more physical, you can write everything on small notes and put into a real bag – or you can write the words in a nice book.

The same applies for all your new ideas and plans for the new year. In this case, it might be an advantage, if you do write everything in a book, so you won’t forget anything.
Tak for alt, der har fået mig til at gro som menneske – på vej til at blive den bedste udgave af mig selv
Tak fordi der nu kommer endnu mere af lette, sjove, fantastiske og kærlige

Step 3
On step three of my New Years rocket – I say thank you:

Thank you to all the persons I love and care for
Thank you to all the persons, who have been part of giving me insights
Thank you to ……..
Thank you for all adventures and experiences, which have been part of making me stronger
Thank you for all I achieve in life – both materialistically as well as in my “inner world”
Thank you for everything which has made me grow as a person into a better version of myself
Thank you for more of the fun, fantastic, loving, and light stuff

Finally – at last – my New Years rocket is ready to be launched:

One – Two – Three:

Happy New Year!

Amaru – and Esther Oekaer

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Just for today, I will show love and respect to everybody and every living thing

Just for today, I will be without worry
Just for today, I will be without anger
Just for today, I will be grateful
Just for today, I will be honest to myself and others
Just for today, I will show love and respect to everybody and every living thing

For the past weeks, I have writtens about Mikao Usui‘s 5 Universal Principals of Reiki, which can help us living in harmony with ourselves and others. That is – if we choose to living according to the principles again and again and again – day by day.  The last Universal principle is about being kind and respectful to everybody and every living thing.

Our parents
Let’s start here. Start by loving and respecting our parents. I am aware that many people possess deep traumas from their childhood because of their parents. I have several times had clients claiming that they feel more hatred than love towards their parents. Therefore, it might be difficult to show love and respect towards them. BUT – if you are not able to find just one tiny thing at your parents to be love and respect – there is at least one thing, you can be grateful of: Your parents were the ones giving you the life. Without your parents you wouldn’t be sitting here reading my blog (or anything else for that matter).

Other people
It is important to remember that we have all something to offer. Some people are just more easy to notice than others. But even though, you might think that the shop assistant in the supermarket is not fast enough, it does not give entitle you to yell at her/him. All human beings deserve respect. And even though, things might run very slowly, she/he does in fact help you getting all your goods checked in properly. (If you believe that you are better, there might be a self service counter). Remember that other people can take part in teaching you important stuff in life. It doesn’t matter, if they are young, old, rich, or poor. Everybody can help you grow by giving you insights and experience. They are also worthy of respect and love.

Other living beings
Speaking about showing respect towards all living thing, we shouldn’t exclude the animals and the plants. I am not speaking against neither vegans, vegetarians or meat eaters. it is important to respect that others choose for him/herself what they want to eat. At the same time, though, it is also important to treat the animals and plants with love and respect. Although, plants do not have a higher intelligence, they are not to be taken for granted. They too are necessary for our “system”.

Everyone is a part of the whole
We have all our own little share in getting our “system” to keep running.

This applies for you too. Remember to show respect and love towards yourself as well.

You are also important! And remember that you always have the choice – again and again and again – day by day.

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Just for today, I will be without worry

Just for today, I will be without worry
Just for today, I will be without anger
Just for today, I will be grateful
Just for today, I will be honest to myself and others
Just for today, I will show love and respect to everybody and every living thing

Today and for the next 4 fridays, I will talk about each of the 5 Universal Principles of Mikao Usui. The Universal Principles of Reiki. Briefly, Mikao Usui is the person, who “refound” the Reiki method by the end of the 18th Century on the top of the Japanese mountain KURIYAMA. Most of my readers are probably aware that I both teach Reiki healing as well as use the method on clients.

Mikao Usui invented some simple principles, which can help us living our lives in harmony with ourselves and others (if we remember to use them).

Just for today I will be without worry
Many people worry in advance – very often for no reason. Worries breed more worries, and we might be so worried that we can hardly handle life. There are almost no limits to, what we can choose to worry about (please notice that I wrote “choose”).

  • Now he will be angry with me
  • I hope they didn’t have an accident
  • What if I do not have enough money for …..
  • What if, this happens ……..
  • Etc. etc…..

One day at a time
In fact, it is only your imagination, which sets the limits. The reason for writing “imagination” is that most of our worries are imaginary ones. When we worry, we are not present here and now – but somewhere in the future. Mikao Usui suggests that we “just for today” choose not to worry. When tomorrow comes, we can choose again. This way, we take small steps – one at a time.

Practise – based on Mikao Usui’s Universal principle

  • When you get up tomorrow – you think of something, which worries you
  • In the same way as you “chose” to worry about this “problem”, you choose to avoid worrying about it
  • After this, you imagine a balloon, into which you blow your worry. While the baloon is growing bigger, you let go of more and more of your worry
  • When your balloon is totally blown up and very big, you tie it with a knot – and let it god
  • Watch your worry balloon, flying up into the Universe
  • Watch your balloon getting smaller and smaller – until at last – it has totally disappeared,
  • Trust that the Universe will take care of your balloon, so your worry is no longer anything for you to worry about
  • All is good – right here – right now

A little variation might be that you let the balloon “explode”, when it is very far away from you in the Universe.l

How many balloons do you choose to let go of?

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Just for today, I will be without anger

Just for today, I will be without worry
Just for today, I will be without anger
Just for today, I will be grateful
Just for today, I will be honest to myself and others
Just for today, I will show love and respect to everybody and every living thing

This is the second chapter of my little series about Mikao Usui’s Five Universal Principles (Principles of Reiki)

Just for today, I will be without anger
Like last week, we have a choise. The choise of being without anger is at least as difficult as being without worry.

What we might not consider, if we are angry with someone, is that anger is often a mirror of parts of ourselves, which we do not want to face. Try having this in mind, next time you feel angry with someone. Maybe this person is only a mirror of yourself. Do you want to be angry with yourself? Or do you want to work on the sides of yourself, which are mirrored by the other person?

Angry in a split second
Anger might have been accumulated over many years – often since childhood on account of traumatic experiences. Therefore, it can be difficult to release anger. Anger might appear in a split second. Sometimes so fast that it the angry person is overwhelmed and surprised.

But I am entitled to be angry
Well – yes – of course, your anger belongs to you. So you are entitled to cling to it. The challenge, however, is that even though you feel entitled to be angry, it really doesn’t serve anything good. Yes – you may release your frustrations by yelling and throwing stuff around – but what are the consequences?

Other people start fearing you
When you get angry and really show your anger towards one or more persons, you might seem big and terrifying. You might even make the counterparty “du bliver vred og virkelig viser din vrede overfor en eller flere personer, vil du måske nok virke stor, overvældende og frygtindgydende. Det kan måske få modparten til at “behave”, but is this really a victory for you? Do you really want that other human beings walking around on tiptoes to avoid making you angry?

You loose respect
When you have shown your anger too many times (the amount of times depends on the other party), you will eventually lose the respect of the counterparty. A person, who needs to blow him/herself up in order to gain respect, will achieve the quite opposite.

And not only do you lose the respect from others. You also lose your self respect. Deep down, you do know that this is not good.

You lose your power
By “needing” to utter your dislike by anger, you lose your power. You discover that the world is so used to your anger that they don’t care. Your power might have been transferred to the counterparty, who handles your anger with means of escape or silence. The counterparty’s choice is as just as improper as yours, as this might only bring more wood to your fire of anger – and then everything goes around in circles.

Keep your own power
Instead of loosing your power because of anger, you can choose to keep your power and learn how to “catch” the anger, before it bursts out. There are several methods for this purpose. You can even choose to take anger management classes, if your anger out manners you. Of course, you might choose the old technic and count to 10, but this is not always possible in case of sudden anger.

Maybe you can use this method, taken from  NLP:

An anchor can be used to obtain immediate calmness. An anchor can be a place or a thing, which might not be within reach, when you need it. Therefore it is very useful that most people have hands with 5 fingers on each. You can prepare you anchor in advance, as follows (maybe with assistance from another person).

  1. Decide in advance that when you put your thumb and your ring fingertips towards each other, you’ll be in your anchor, in which there is peace and happiness
  2. Close your eyes and visualize a previous situation, which has made you peaceful and happy
  3. Make sure that you get all the details from the situation: the sounds, the smells, the sensations in your body, etc.
  4. Continue encountering all the positive impressions, until you sense that your satisfaction barometer is on 10
  5. Put your thumb and your ring fingertips together, so they touch each other temporarily – maybe only a few seconds – but enough to feel the touch
  6. Let go of the touch

Every time you feel an anger bubbling inside of you, you immediately put the 2 fingertips together. Vupti – your body and head are in peace. Anger is not fed by peace. And peace is “contagious” to others. And Peace feeds harmony, balance, happiness, and love.

(The technique can be used on other feelings than anger)

OBS: Remember that this technique does not “cure” anger, but can help you taming it, before it appears. If you wish to remain without anger, you have to dig deeper and work on, what is the reason for your anger. Mindfulness and Meditation might help you some of the way.

When do you choose to be without anger?

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Just for today, I will be grateful

Just for today, I will be without worry
Just for today, I will be without anger
Just for today, I will be grateful
Just for today, I will be honest to myself and others
Just for today, I will show love and respect to everybody and every living thing

This is the next chapter of my little series about Mikao Usui‘s 5 Universal Principles, which we can use to accomplish a harmonous life with ourself and others. 

Showing gratitude
Showing gratitude – maybe just for one day – might turn out to be the best choise you have ever made. Start already in the morning by looking around in your bedroom. Are you grateful of your surroundings/furniture/stuff? After this, feel the gratitude towards all the wonderful human beings in your life.

Continue like this for the rest of the day showing gratitude towards everything you see or experience. And before you go to sleep at night, you show gratitude towards everything, which has happened during the day. See my previous blog: Say thank you

What happens next?
By showing gratitude towards everything and everybody in your life (even if only for one day), you will be able to experience even more to be grateful to. And that is worth craving for, right?

The Secret
On all my Reiki one courses, I tell my Reiki students about Mikao Usui and his Universal Principles of Reiki. Everytime, we talk about being grateful in advance. Mikao Usui was ahead of his time, as his philosophy is mirrored in the famous book “The Secret”. So in fact – it might work ;-).

Being grateful in advance
It might seem a little strange saying thank you for something, before (apparently) for we have received it. We are so used to (trained to) saying thank you, AFTER we have received anything. So why showing gratitude in advance? We need to do this, because there is no “time and space” in the Universe. This means that everything happens right now and right here on all levels.

If we really wish for something (with or without any substance), we need to pretend that we have already received, what we wished for. If we wish for something to happen in the future, we continue pushing the wish ahead of us – and then nothing will happen.

Try saying: “I am so grateful that I have now received ……”
Sense the feeling of having received, what you wished for
See it happen
and the magic will start.

What about you? When will you start being grateful for everything and everybody in your life?

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Just for today, I will be honest to myself and others

Just for today, I will be without worry
Just for today, I will be without anger
Just for today, I will be grateful
Just for today, I will be honest to myself and others
Just for today, I will show love and respect to everybody and every living thing

Following up on my little series about Mikao Usui´s 5 Universal Principles (The Five Principles of Reiki), today it is time to talk about honesty.

When are we not honest to ourselves and others?
Of course, this is the case, when we do not say the truth or only part of the truth to another person for one reason or the other – eg.:

  • to protect ourselves or others
  • to achieve or avoid something

When do we use honesty as a protection?
This is case, when we are not willing to face the truth. We might have been experiencing some circumstances for a period, and we might even feel that these circumstances are not good for us. We lie to ourselves and imagine that everything is fine. We do this in order to avoid the pain, which might appear, if we do anything to change the situation. We might also choose to lie to another human being, because we fear his/hers reaction, if we tell the truth. This can serve as a (unsuitable) protection of ourselves and the other person.
When do we use dishonesty to achieve or avoid something?
One example is, if we cheat in order to achieve wealth some way or the other. I do not want to go into details on that subject, as this might be considered as being admonishingly. It is my honest opinion that every one should take care of his/hers own karma.
It is said that Mikao Usui wrote the 5 Universal Principles after spending some time in the beggars’ areas. He experienced that the same people returned to him repeatedly for healing. They received without giving anything in return. He realized that none of these persons had an honest work, earning their own money. They didn’t take the responsibility for their own lives.
Honesty is the best policy
Maybe we can conclude:
Even though honesty might hurt – it can help us accepting to be in charge of our own lives!

And who knows what this might cause?

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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I always know better than you!

Do you know the kind of people, who always know exactly, what is best for YOU? “No, you should do this instead”. “Don’t eat that. It is not healthy for you”. “Why don’t you”…… etc. etc.

It can be enormously irritating being the person, who is always told by others that he/she should do things differently.

Good and well-wellmeant advice
Maybe you are the person, always getting “good” advice.

Maybe you are the person, always giving “good” and well-meant advice. “It is working so well for me. I can see that she/he will feel better, if…….”

Or maybe you gossip with other persons in your inner circle: “It is really stupid that she does this. She knows that it is bad for her”.

Although, you might sincerely mean that “you know better” than the other person – it is important to remember that just because something feels good for you, the other person doesn’t need to feel the same way.

A unique journey through life
No human beings are completely alike.  We are all unique and have our own personal journey through life. Sometimes, life is speaking less nicely to us – but there is a purpose with this, which we might not recognise immediately.

And other people should not interfere with this.

As I have previously written, life is full of challenges – both huge and small. We meet them in order to grow and learn from our own experiences.

But, I only want, what is best for her
Yes – I know: You really do want that he/she has a good life. That is why you try giving good advice. Maybe your advice is in fact usefull for the other person – but he/she is just not ready for it yet.

Let the things unfold by itself for the other human being. Unless – of course – he/she asks your for help him/herself. Then it is a quite different matter.

As to you, who keep receiving all the “well-meant” advice. Remember that you are entitled to refuse to receive the advice. Of course, you can always ask for help, if you need it. This is your choise – your Life – your Journey – and you are the only one in charge.

All of us need to keep in mind that Life is a journey for each one of us. And we don’t follow the same path all the way.

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

NB – NB – NB – Watch the above photo (from Peru). This journey by bus is leading to “LOVE”

PS: By the way – Most of us own both sides of this issue.

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Oh no – it is raining again

Upon a long and warm summer, we now sense the breath of the Autum. I asked a woman today, what I should write in blog. She knew immediately what to suggest: “Write about the rain. About people complaining about the rain”.

There is no bad weather
Well – I think I’ll dare going a little further and write about the weather in general. If we don’t have anything else to talk about, we can always choose the weather – right?

“Oh no it is raining again”
“Ooof – It is storming – I am cold and almost falling”
“What a horribly cold – I am freezing even more than before”
“Puh – It is terribly hot today – I am sweating”

Being properly dressed on the outside as well as on the inside
To me there is no bad weather. It is all about being properly dressed. And not only the clothes, but also on the inside. It doesn’t matter that you are dressed in expensive rainclothes, if you are walking around complaining about the weather at the same time. No – instead of complaining, you should try:

  1. to dress according to the weather
  2. to accept that right now the weather is like this, and you cannot do anything to change it
  3. to be present in the weather
  4. to be grateful that you are allowed to experience, how the weather is today

Look for opportunities instead of obstacles
Very often the weather causes people to prevent themselves to achieve some fantastic experiences. I need to stress out that I do not say that we ought to ignore dangerous weather. There is a great difference between being adventurous and being reckless. No – what I mean is that we are sometimes refusing to get some adventures, just because we have not discovered that walking around in a rainy forrest can be an adventurer in itself. The visions – the smells – the sounds – and not at least your sense of being alive.

Mindfulness, hot chocolate and buns
An then – after such a rainy adventure in the the autum forrest, you return home, filled with mindfulness in your head – happines in your heart – chestnuts and cones in the pockets of your rain coat – and then it is nice that there is something called hot chocolate and buns with butter.

Have a fantastic (and adventurous) weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Listen Listen Listen!

Life is full of challenges
Yes – life is full of challenges. Small as well as huge ones. From a punctured tyre to serious illness and death. Obviously, some people har tortured more than others. They may experience illness and death a lot of times.

It is no competition
Do you know the kind of people, who seem to listen to another human being’s problem – but is busy taking over as soon as possible to tell about their own problems? Some times, it is like a competition, in which they need to show that they are a little more sick or unlucky than other people. Why is this? Could it be the Danish “Jantelov”, ruling on this very obscure area as well.
My problems are more important than yours:

  • I am more ill, than you are
  • I have less money, than you have
  • I have had more narcissistic partners than you have
  • Loosing a job is worse for me than for you
  • or……..

Respect and acknowledge the Universe of another human being
Nobody avoids challenges and worries. There is something for everyone.

Yes – your challenges might seem to be more serious than other those of other people. But it is important to understand that in exactly this Universe, his/her challenges are huge and might feel unsolveable. Even though you don’t understand this.

Strong persons
I know some persons, who are very seriously ill. In spite of that, they are positive and optimistic.

What is even more admirable and beautiful: Despite their own very big challenges, they are always ready to listen to other persons. They listen without being in a hurry to tell about their own challenges. They have understood the important lecture that all of us experience challenges – which now and then feel just as serious as e.g. serious illness.

The degree of the challenges are changing
Perhaps, one of the secrets is that these strong persons previously have had “minor” challenges, which have filled up their lives. Now the degree of the challenges have changed, so they no longer let themselves be influenced by this like before. Now they could choose to compete with others. But instead they remember, how their lives used to be before, so they know that even small challenges might feel big.

Or maybe, they are present and listening, because they need to get distracted from their own challenges. Or maybe it is a combination.

To be present
Practise in being present and listening. Stop yourself, next time you are just about getting into a competition as to who is feeling the worse.

If you know someone, who going through some rough times – please call her/him. Listen and be present 100%.

Do not wait, until he/she calls you. Maybe, this humble peson has down-graded his/her problems, so you do not realize, how bad it is. But it doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t need you.

By making space for others – you will discover that you get much more in return.

Maybe you already are this person. The person, who is always there for other people – and who always listens.

If so, I just want to say: Thank you for YOU! And thank you for teaching me to be like you!

And maybe you’ll be so lucky that other people start listening to you too. You deserve it.


Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Careful what you wish for

Everything you wish for is fulfillable – and this applies to “what you really wish for” as well as “what you do not wish for” (I do, however believe that the pigeon in the middle is very happy with the fulfillment of its wish).

You might remember my recent blog about karma. Everything will come back to you. This also applies to you “wishes” or “non-wishes”. Everything is about resonance: Everything you send out, will get back to you. The Universe is intelligent – and in order to help you the best – you will have the wish fulfilled, to which you have created resonance.

You will also receive what “you don’t want to receive”
The fact that you’ll receive what you wish for is rather easy to understand – but what about the fact that you also receive what “you don’t want to receive”?
An example: Have you ever arrived at a party with the thought: Oh no – I hope that I don’t get to sit next to “him”. He is so irritating. A few moments later, you discover that you “accidentially” are placed beside exactly next to this person.
Or did you ever think: “Oh no – now I am so late that there are probably no free parking spaces”? Need I say more?

Practise only wishing for what you really wish for
And yes – you are so right. This is much easier said than done. Even when we have started thinking differently and practise being positive, everything might “go wrong”. Why is this? Well, several issues might be the reasons for this – for instance:

Even though, you think that you really have wished for a parking space, a little “worm” has been “itching” you, making you doubt that you will succeed.
You still have some “old” karma, which you have not yet been “settled”. For instance, you might have “stolen” a parking space from another person

FEEL that your wish has already been fulfilled
When you really really wish for something – you need to be able to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel, how it is to be after having your wish fulfilled. (However, I do not know how a parking space tastes – but I hope that my exaggeration will make you understand precisely what I mean.)
After this, everything is about letting go – completely letting go.

My own experience: It is a little easier letting go of the wish for a  parking space than the wish for winning 1o million Euro.

But I have obtained a lot of good parking spaces. 🙂

Good luck on wishing for the best!

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you.

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