Ayni – your new favourite word

Esther’s Friday Blog
(Thank you to Karina for suggesting the subject of today)

Ayni – an awesome word, which ought to be in every dictionary, but it is a word from the language Quechua (spoken by the q’ero people of Peru).

Ayni is an expression from the Inka tradition. Briefly explained, it means to do good without expecting anything in return.

Now, a bright person might claim “But that is the same as “karma”.

Yes …. and no….

There is good karma and bad karma. I intend to write a blog about this in the future – men in a few words: You can generate good karma by doing good deeds – and bad karma by doing bad deeds.

Ayni is solely good karma! The more Ayni you give – the more Ayni, you will get in return. In fact, you might even receive more Ayni than you gave out.

The only requirement is that you must give Ayni – without expecting to get anything in return.

Well, here it becomes tricky. How many of us can sincerely say that we never expect to get anything in return? Hmmm.

When a person truly gives something from his/her heart without expecting reciprocity, it is so beautiful. It is not only, when you physically give something to a person. It might as well be:

  • helping someone performing a task
  • treating others respectfully and equally
  • speaking kindly about others behind their backs
  • caring for the nature
  • being good to animals
  • being grateful
  • buying fair trade food
  • speaking kindly to others
  • doing ……?

If we all consciously started giving Ayni every day, the whole world would be a better and safer place to live.

By giving Ayni, you will discover than even more fantastic things start happening to you. However, it might not come from the same origin as the one you gave to. But rest assured that the Ayni will come. Good creates good.

Practice everyday – and step by step you will discover that Anyni become a more and more natural part of your everyday life.

Now –  hurry out and do some Ayni!

Life is waiting for you.

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What a waste of time!

This headline will be the start of the “Esther’s Friday Blog” today. I have been there myself, so I would like to share with you, what made me change my way of thinking.

I was busy – very busy. I had several on-going projects at the same time. Most of these projects were (luckily) pleasant, but of course I had some “duty projects” as well. (As do most of us – some more than others).

The most important for was to use my time most effectively, so I had time for all my projects  without wasting my time. I wanted to be efficient. Thus, I could relax, when I had finalized my daily projects.

This meant that my alarm went off no sooner than 1 hour, before I had to leave my home. I didn’t want to miss out on any sleep. Especially, because my mind kept wandering about all my projects, so I slept very poorly at night.

In the morning, I was just as efficient, could manage everything at home in time for leaving at the exact time suggested by my GPS. Once in a while, I did give myself an extra 5 or 10 minutes to travel, but in those cases I felt I was a little to generous with my valuable time.

Anyway, this morning changed everything. It was one of the mornings following an almost sleepless night because of thoughts about my projects. Optimistically, I imagined that 5 minutes extra for parking my car was more than sufficient time to make my meeting in time. However, I was somewhat irritated that my second meeting wasn’t until 1.5 hours after my first meeting. .

I was very happy to find that the road was almost clear, so I praised myself: “How clever  you are, Esther – for choosing this road instead of the highway. At the same time, I was a little irritated, because I had left my home too early. Now I was going to waste precious time.

Alas – Arriving nearby the destination in due time – I found that I was not allowed to turn left – but had to continue to a larger road. At this point of time, I was still calm and full of trust – but found that I could only turn right here because of roadwork. This lead me further away from my destination. I had to continue for some time at this road before I could turn right. But alas – when turning right a road worker was just closing a gate to the road and waving to me to stop me from going that way. Luckily, he felt sorry for me, when he noticed my panic face, so he let me through as the last car. At that point of time, I know for a fact that I am too late for my meeting – as I have just heard the start of the news from the car radio.

Finally, I reach the parking area at my destination. However, I only feel a little happy, when I succeed in conquering a parking space. Now, I know for a fact that I have to run in order not to be even much more too late. Therefore, I hurry setting the time on my Parking disc. (Need I say that I set the wrong time).

The woman, I was to meet with, became my savior. She was a coach. Somehow, she managed to guide me to another way of thinking. At the exact point of time, I realized that I had found gold – I felt completely calm.

I ralized that what made me stress out wasn’t because of all my projects. No – it was due to the fact that I didn’t want to waste any time between my projects. I wanted to be well-structured and exploit my time most optimally.

By using my time this, I was not doing myself a favor. I didn’t take into consideration closed roads or roadwork or parking discs.

This wise woman taught me that I should plan blocks of extra time around my projects, so I would be overturned by unforseen events. She taught me to see this extra block time as “my own time” instead of “waste of time”.

Now, I no longer feel irritated of “wasting my time”, when I arrive too early at a meeting. Instead, I am happy that I am able to have “my own time” , so have time for a walk or to read a book (e.g. a mindfulness book). I have plenty of time to set my parking disc, and I am able to arrive at my meeting more calm, relaxed and full of positive energy than previously.

What about you? Do you have a “waste of time” or “your own time”?

Life is too short for stress!

PS: Luckily, I didn’t get a parking fine 🙂

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Is your glass half empty?

Esther’s Friday Blog
Do you also think that you are bombed by “bad news”?

As soon as we turn on the News or see the headlines on our news app – we are overturned by the negative news. We are reminded that we are living in an insecure world full of war, terror, violence and hatred from all sides. Sometimes, it is difficult to find out, who are the good guys, whom we should vote for – and who are the bad guys, whom we should reject gainst.

The bad news are so overwhelming now that we don’t notice the positive and good news – but only see the dark and threatening news.

I have fallen into that trap myself. The last thing I do, before I go to sleep, is checking my mobile phone for the latest bad news. What if I missed a shooting? This means that I am full of bad news, before I have reached dreamland.

Today, I went to a special fair called “Mystikkens Univers” (“The Universe of Mysticism”) to hear a lecture by Ingelise and Steen Landsy on the collective karma. The lecture was insightful and interesting and made me remember “the positive news” on Radio Lotus, which Ingelise and Steen mentioned.

Like Ingelise and Steen Landsy, I was also a morning host on the Radio Radio Lotus for 7 years (from 1993-2000). Radio Lotus sent live from  7-8 o’clock every morning, so we had to get up early to be at radio station at 6 am. One of the most important tasks was to go through all the morning papers in order to find as much positive news as possible.

Even though, the world was full of bad news at that point of time as well – we did in fact succeed in finding so much positive news that we could give our listeners as well as ourselves a positive start of the day.

Thank you to Ingelise and Steen for reminding me of the positive news on Radio Lotus.

Actually, positive news does exist – though not among the top headlines. I do not suggest that we close our eyes to the the reality of life – but that we remember to take the time to find the positive stuff as well. This doesn’t only apply to the news areas.  In fact, I believe that we should practice in seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty.

For my part, I intend to start turning off the news before bedtime. Hey – look – a new and more positive world suddenly appears!

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As soon as I get …… then I’ll be happy!


Esther’s Friday Blog 8 September 2017

Don’t we all know this sentence one way or the other? We believe that our happiness is depending on something from the outside instead of inside ourselves.

Very often, the concept of happiness is linked to having loads of money. If we win the lottery and become multi-millionaires, we’ll live happily ever after.

But is this really the truth?

Even though, we have a lot of money, and we are able to buy anything we like – we can still be seriously and incurably ill.  Or we might loose a close relative. Suddenly, it doesn’t matter, if we have millions of Euros or Dollars in the bank. That wont bring our dear ones back to us.

I see it like this: Stuff, we can buy for money – only gives us a us a temporary happiness. Or rather – something which seems like happiness for a very brief period of time.

We might feel extremely happy, if we are able to afford buying a fantastic new electronic wonder – a wonder product, which might have only a few more new functionalities than the similar product, which we bought a year ago. Every time, we look at the new wonder product – we almost feel that we are in love with this wonderful electronic device. We hold it in our hands again and again – and we hope that other people notice that WE possess this new model.

Or we might believe that the responsibility for our happiness lies with another person, so we hurry out to get a new partner. We are looking for happiness outside ourselves instead of trusting that happiness first and foremost is our own responsibility. Happiness is lying inside our hearts as a little sprout – just waiting to unfold and flourish.

A few months later, we might start yearning for an even more fancy and newer model (either electronic or human J), which can make us even more happy.

Yes, I know. The only reason, why I write this, is that I have been there myself – several times. – Every time, I discovered that this was not the secret ingredient for my happiness after all.

Over the years, I have changed my conception of happiness. Oh yes – of course – I would still like becoming a millionaire by playing the lottery. But I don’t want this, because I believe that this will make me more happy, but solely because it would make certain areas of my life more easy.

Now, I feel happiness in many situations. Situations, in which my heart is almost bubbling of joy and gratefulness – for instance, when:

  • Sitting on the floor together with my beloved grandchild
  • Spending time together with people, whom I love and care for
  • Seeing a rainbow, at the exact time I need an encouragement
  • Watching a beautiful landscape, knowing that the Universe is fantastic
  • Gazing into someone’s eyes, and feeling that these eyes really see ME

I could continue giving examples. There are so many ways of feeling happy – without counting your money on your bank account. And unless you’re a small infant, the only one being responsible for your happiness is you – and just you.

Start noticing the events/experiences etc. in your daily life, contributing to your happiness. Big things – small things.

What is your definition of happiness? When do you feel that you are really happy?

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I’ll never forgive you!!


Esther’s Friday Blog – 1 September 2017

In my Monday Bubble this week, I quoted Dr. Webber from Grey’s Anatomy (upon suggestion from a friend of mine):

“Forgiveness is a Power – not only to make the other feel good, but to heal YOU…”

I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy yet, but according to my friend, Dr. Webber says this to Meredith Grey at a time, when she has been beaten by a patient, who didn’t know what he was doing.

Forgiving another human being or maybe a whole group of people is one of the greatest things you can do.

“Why”, you might claim reluctantly. “There will always be someone, who doesn’t derserve to be forgiven”

Because you do not forgive for the sake of the other person, but for your own. You are the one, suffering, not the other person. Things do not improve by holding on to not being willing to forgive – on the contrary.

We’ll all meet persons doing things to us, which we feel is unforgiveable. For many people this is expressed in anger – often an anger, which we are not able to express to the person(s), who did the unforgiveable deed to us.

We could choose to express this anger to the person(s) in an assertive manner. This means that we “keep the ball on our own side” and tell the other person(s), how their deed affects us – i.e. how we feel about etc. However, this might be very difficult, if we feel that the other person has crossed our personal boundaries, hurt us, abused us, etc. At the same time we might be up against an opponent, who simply doesn’t want to listen to us, no matter how long we “keep the ball in our hand” instead of throw it against the other person(s)

This leaves us with three choises:

  1. Forgiving the person(s) – which, however, is the hard part, so often we don’ts choose this
  2. Turning the anger out towards other human beings instead. Unfortunately, very often this will be towards persons nearby – i.e. our own family. By this, we might ending up in a bad circle, and everything might start going in the wrong direction. It is very important that we are aware of this in time, so all the affected persons understand that this has nothing to do with them, but concerns a pent-up anger towards someone(s) from the outside world.
  3. Turning the anger inwards and being eaten up by negative thoughts and emotions. This choice is exactly as disruptive as no. 2. Being eaten up and destructed from the inside might lead to imbalance on all levels. It might lead to depression, fear, and bad self-esteem – or even physical illness. Under all circumstances, all the negative thoughts and feelings about the person(s), who did us wrong is haunting us all the time – either on the conscious level or on the unconscious level. Either way, this might prevent us from being really present in the now and enjoy life fully. Maybe we will become “blind” to all the good things in life.

However, should we be brave enough and choose no. 1 – forgiveness – it might actually set us free, enabling us to dare live our lives fully.

It is very important to know that forgiving others do not mean that we accept and approve, what they did to us. At the same time as we forgive the other person(s), we can decide: “I forgive you, but I do not want to have anything to do with you anymore”. (We don’t have to tell this directly to the person – just inside ourselves).

Forgiving others is one thing – but forgiving ourselves can be just as difficult. When we have done something stupid we might punish ourselves by knocking ourselves on our heads, and everything goes on and on in our mind. To what purpose? The damage has already happened. Let’s forgive ourselves and decide that we’ll do tings differently from now on – and then – let’s move on.

Primarily, if we do forgive – we forgive for our own sake – in order to be able to move on in life and dare live life without having this huge and dark shadow lying over us.

How can we be able to forgive? I cannot give you a universal solution to this. Most of all, it is important to look at everything from above, enabling you to see the big picture. Start practicing in forgiving the small stuff (i.e. when you felt offended, because your sister got the bigger piece of the cake). Continue practicing and find more and more severe things to forgive – and see what happens. (If it is really heavy stuff, you might seek help elsewhere, as well).

It is very important that you are able to feel in your whole body that now you have forgiven the other person(s) (or yourself) – and that you have set yourself completely free. This can especially be felt in your mind, your stomach, solar plexus, and your  heart area. The mind will feel “empty” (in regards of this particular person/incident), and the stomach, solar plexus, and heart area will feel light and free of sadness and “knots”.

What about me? Am I good at granting forgiveness? Yes – and No……

Over the years, I have become better at forgiving others. I have found out that it is a waste of time walking around being mad at other people and not being able to forgive  them. Life is too short for that.

But I do still have one area, on which I have great difficulty in forgiving. Whether I’ll ever be able to forgive persons being responsible in hurting my family in one way or the other – I don’t know – but I am still working on it.

Are YOU good at forgiving others and yourself? Do you think there is something, which is unforgivable?

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If it doesn’t kill you – it makes you stronger (UK)


Esther’s Friday Blog 25 August 2017

If it doesn’t kill you – it makes you stronger

The first time I heard this saying (which might be a little cliché) I was a little scared by it. However, without going into details on my own life, I have experienced many times that it is true: If it doesn’t kill you – it makes you stronger.

You are going through a big life trauma – your heart feels like it is breaking, and your mind keeps telling you:
“I cannot handle this. How will I ever get over this and be happy again?”

And then suddenly little by little, you have fought yourself through the tunnel to the other side. It might have cost you some big or minor painful sacrifices, but one day you’ll discover that you made it through the tunnel alive: “I made it – and actually I am alright again.”

Often, you will need courage and a strong inner core to get through the tunnel and become even stronger than before the trauma.

In my own inner circle, I have a lot of strong persons – including persons, who have become stronger by being exposed to hard and life threatening diseases.

Brave persons like the woman, who was hospitalized and quarantined because of dangerous bacterias. Not until after her recovery, she was told that there had been a huge risk of her dying from this.

And the woman, who defied the cancer and the complications of the cancer and participated in a 46 km long walk.

For both women applies that they are more concerned about other people’s well-being than their own.

But these two strong and brave women have also been through the tunnel, thinking: “I cannot cope with this – I’ll never make it.”

We all pass through this tunnel – maybe even several times in our lives. This happens especially, when we are experiencing a huge life crisis and changes in life – such as divorce, loss of a dear one, stress or unemployment.

Some years ago, I was employed at a company, which was going bankrupt. All the employees lost their jobs.

One of my colleagues had a wife and children to support. I asked him, how he felt.

“Fine”, he replied. “It is just money – nobody died.”

How did life make YOU stronger?

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Are you creative?

Esther’s Friday Blog no. 1 – 11 August 2017

I have a friend, who is very creative. She is can paint, draw, take beautiful photos, and do graphical design (i.e. she creates beautiful websites). She is also writes her own songs and music. Add to this that she is a fantastic salsa dancer and is a very good and creative cook as well.

I always wanted to be creative, but I can neither paint nor draw, and the men are not exactly queuing up for a dance at the salsa sites.

What makes a person creative? Is it inherited? Or can you taught to be creative?

I once I asked the my friend’s parents, whether they were creative too. They replied that no, but my friend’s grandfather had painted pictures. So – maybe the creativity can jump a generation?

Or do we all have a special creative, which we can choose to use, if we find it – or others discover it for us.

Would I have been able to develop my creativity, if I had continued creating the hopeless drawings, which I did every day after school? Drawings, which were always part of a story in my own head. Or were they (as I imagine myself) a kind of self-therapy as a reaction to experiences of my daily life?

Well, who knows. Anyway, the truth is that everytime I have been asked to create anything like a drawing, painting, or collage, I hurried to finnish it. Of course, the result showed that the creation was made in a hurry. Afterwards, when all the creations of the other participants are admired, mine is looked at a little compassionately.

I have to acknowledge that I am not creative in this manner.

However, I do believe that there is a little seed inside all of us, waiting to be watered, enabling it to flourish and spread other seeds – which might even be transformed into a real garden.

I believe that creativity can appear within all kinds of areas:

The woman, who cooks the most magic and delicious food (“No, no this is nothing – I just followed a recipe”)
Or the man, who loves baking or experimenting putting different kinds of stuff in his bread and cakes (“Look my darling – how clever I am”)
The children creating a fantasy castle from Lego’s
Or the woman, who really wants to create flower bouquets and decorations, but has chosen to earn money as a HR employee.
And those, who are good at knitting or sewing – or…..

Yes – we are all creative – in our own way.

In which way are YOU creative?

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Hello – what are you waiting for?

Esther’s Friday Blog no. 2 – 18 August 2017

 I believe that everybody deserves the very best in life. Although, the average life expectancy has increased, we don’t know our exact  expiration date. Let’s eat all the fruits, before they have fallen to the ground and are eaten and digested by Mother Earth/Pachamama.

 Our daily lives are filled with stress.

 Already when our wonderful children are very small, they learn that it is important to be busy. The busier we are – the more success we gain – the more money will be on our bank accounts.

 Dinner is eaten in front of the TV and is being digested together with horror pictures of trucks, ploughing through masses of human beings – who fatally will avoid any further stress.

 Do we have any space left for our dreams at all? Do we live out the dreams of our childhood?


When I was a child, I had a twin sister. Her name was Astrid.

Astrid was brave. She did all the stuff, which I didn’t have the courage to do. She climbed the trees, built caves and played the theater. At school, Astrid always got the lead because of her acting skills. “I want to be an actress”, Astrid claimed. “Hmmm”, Esther thought – “Yes, I want to be an actress”

I didn’t always attend the party, when my two younger sisters had a birthday party -but Astrid, she would always attend! She would put on a bathing cap and act out in front of my sisters and their friends. All of the birthday guests would laugh and have a lot of fun, when watching her acting out. Then suddenly, she would leave the room.

Then Esther would enter the room, and all of the small guests would ask: “Was that you – was that you?” “No”, Esther replied, “that was my twin sister Astrid, of course.”

When Esther had to choose, what to study after high school, Astrid had disappeared.

Esther had two big wishes: To become an actress, to become a psychologist, or to become a journalist.

So of course, she chose to become an English correspondent.

The student counselor never found out about the two first wishes of Esther’s. He was, however, very fast, when Esther mumbled that she wanted to become a journalist. Very fast – that is – to interrupt her and suggest that the upcoming grades of hers would be suitable for an education as an English Correspondent. That would be a very sensible choice, as the counselor said.

And hearing the word “correspondent”, Esther imagined that she would become one of the correspondents of the Danish Radio and Television station, living and broadcasting from abroad.

Well, please feel free to call me naive, but this was how it was in 1979. I guess that the student counsellors had a special transition program to use – unless – of course – they were dealing with students, who were heading in the direction of the law-, or dentist study, etc. In those cases, the counsellors were somewhat more dedicated.

Anyway, I got my degree in English as an English Correspondent, which did in fact direct me further in my life (e.g several positions as an Executive Assistant and English teacher) – resulting in a Curriculum Vitae of 1.5 meters.

The question is: Did Esther ever live out her “inner Astrid”?

Yes – she did – and the process is still on-going.

Upon my divorce in 1990, Astrid returned to me. I changed my style in clothes and choice of colours – from brown/grey/black to happy rainbow colours. At the same time, I started my spiritual search amongst crystals, tarot cards and Transcendental Meditation.

Needless to say that it was Astrid speaking, every time I suddenly knew that now it was time to move on again from one carrier job to the next (hence the 1.5 meter of CV).

Although, I didn’t become a real journalist – I have been a writing journalist at several employee magazines – I have been a speaker/journalist at a Radio Lotus for 7 years – and I have had some short stories published (an erotic short story in a Woman’s magazine, being the most bold one).

Even though, I didn’t become a psychologist – I have an education as a Reiki Master Teacher, coach, therapist, and paqo. Consequently, I am so lucky that I am able to support other human beings by teaching and giving sessions.

Although, I didn’t become a real actress, I have also been able to act – e. g. when I was employed at a nursing home with the sole purpose of entertaining the inhabitants. Furthermore, I am used as an actress or extra in films, documentaries, and commercials.

I have also regained much more of Astrid’s courage:

Pilgrimage on “El Camino” in 2003 – Shamanic Vision quest in Cornwall i 2010 – in September 2017, I am going on yet another pilgrimage – this time to Peru. Well – maybe I am even going to India in November.
To me this is huge!

Yes – luckily, Astrid did come back to me, before it was to late!

Seen from my point of view, it is utmost important that we choose to do something in life, which makes sense to us – not only in our head and on our bank account – but particularly in our hearts.

What about you?

Are you where you want to be? Or what are you waiting for?

PS: The name of the GPS in my car is: Astrid J

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