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Esther’s Friday Blog no. 2 – 18 August 2017

 I believe that everybody deserves the very best in life. Although, the average life expectancy has increased, we don’t know our exact  expiration date. Let’s eat all the fruits, before they have fallen to the ground and are eaten and digested by Mother Earth/Pachamama.

 Our daily lives are filled with stress.

 Already when our wonderful children are very small, they learn that it is important to be busy. The busier we are – the more success we gain – the more money will be on our bank accounts.

 Dinner is eaten in front of the TV and is being digested together with horror pictures of trucks, ploughing through masses of human beings – who fatally will avoid any further stress.

 Do we have any space left for our dreams at all? Do we live out the dreams of our childhood?


When I was a child, I had a twin sister. Her name was Astrid.

Astrid was brave. She did all the stuff, which I didn’t have the courage to do. She climbed the trees, built caves and played the theater. At school, Astrid always got the lead because of her acting skills. “I want to be an actress”, Astrid claimed. “Hmmm”, Esther thought – “Yes, I want to be an actress”

I didn’t always attend the party, when my two younger sisters had a birthday party -but Astrid, she would always attend! She would put on a bathing cap and act out in front of my sisters and their friends. All of the birthday guests would laugh and have a lot of fun, when watching her acting out. Then suddenly, she would leave the room.

Then Esther would enter the room, and all of the small guests would ask: “Was that you – was that you?” “No”, Esther replied, “that was my twin sister Astrid, of course.”

When Esther had to choose, what to study after high school, Astrid had disappeared.

Esther had two big wishes: To become an actress, to become a psychologist, or to become a journalist.

So of course, she chose to become an English correspondent.

The student counselor never found out about the two first wishes of Esther’s. He was, however, very fast, when Esther mumbled that she wanted to become a journalist. Very fast – that is – to interrupt her and suggest that the upcoming grades of hers would be suitable for an education as an English Correspondent. That would be a very sensible choice, as the counselor said.

And hearing the word “correspondent”, Esther imagined that she would become one of the correspondents of the Danish Radio and Television station, living and broadcasting from abroad.

Well, please feel free to call me naive, but this was how it was in 1979. I guess that the student counsellors had a special transition program to use – unless – of course – they were dealing with students, who were heading in the direction of the law-, or dentist study, etc. In those cases, the counsellors were somewhat more dedicated.

Anyway, I got my degree in English as an English Correspondent, which did in fact direct me further in my life (e.g several positions as an Executive Assistant and English teacher) – resulting in a Curriculum Vitae of 1.5 meters.

The question is: Did Esther ever live out her “inner Astrid”?

Yes – she did – and the process is still on-going.

Upon my divorce in 1990, Astrid returned to me. I changed my style in clothes and choice of colours – from brown/grey/black to happy rainbow colours. At the same time, I started my spiritual search amongst crystals, tarot cards and Transcendental Meditation.

Needless to say that it was Astrid speaking, every time I suddenly knew that now it was time to move on again from one carrier job to the next (hence the 1.5 meter of CV).

Although, I didn’t become a real journalist – I have been a writing journalist at several employee magazines – I have been a speaker/journalist at a Radio Lotus for 7 years – and I have had some short stories published (an erotic short story in a Woman’s magazine, being the most bold one).

Even though, I didn’t become a psychologist – I have an education as a Reiki Master Teacher, coach, therapist, and paqo. Consequently, I am so lucky that I am able to support other human beings by teaching and giving sessions.

Although, I didn’t become a real actress, I have also been able to act – e. g. when I was employed at a nursing home with the sole purpose of entertaining the inhabitants. Furthermore, I am used as an actress or extra in films, documentaries, and commercials.

I have also regained much more of Astrid’s courage:

Pilgrimage on “El Camino” in 2003 – Shamanic Vision quest in Cornwall i 2010 – in September 2017, I am going on yet another pilgrimage – this time to Peru. Well – maybe I am even going to India in November.
To me this is huge!

Yes – luckily, Astrid did come back to me, before it was to late!

Seen from my point of view, it is utmost important that we choose to do something in life, which makes sense to us – not only in our head and on our bank account – but particularly in our hearts.

What about you?

Are you where you want to be? Or what are you waiting for?

PS: The name of the GPS in my car is: Astrid J

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Photo: Freeimages.com – Herb Collingridge IV

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