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Esther’s Friday Blog no. 1 – 11 August 2017

I have a friend, who is very creative. She is can paint, draw, take beautiful photos, and do graphical design (i.e. she creates beautiful websites). She is also writes her own songs and music. Add to this that she is a fantastic salsa dancer and is a very good and creative cook as well.

I always wanted to be creative, but I can neither paint nor draw, and the men are not exactly queuing up for a dance at the salsa sites.

What makes a person creative? Is it inherited? Or can you taught to be creative?

I once I asked the my friend’s parents, whether they were creative too. They replied that no, but my friend’s grandfather had painted pictures. So – maybe the creativity can jump a generation?

Or do we all have a special creative, which we can choose to use, if we find it – or others discover it for us.

Would I have been able to develop my creativity, if I had continued creating the hopeless drawings, which I did every day after school? Drawings, which were always part of a story in my own head. Or were they (as I imagine myself) a kind of self-therapy as a reaction to experiences of my daily life?

Well, who knows. Anyway, the truth is that everytime I have been asked to create anything like a drawing, painting, or collage, I hurried to finnish it. Of course, the result showed that the creation was made in a hurry. Afterwards, when all the creations of the other participants are admired, mine is looked at a little compassionately.

I have to acknowledge that I am not creative in this manner.

However, I do believe that there is a little seed inside all of us, waiting to be watered, enabling it to flourish and spread other seeds – which might even be transformed into a real garden.

I believe that creativity can appear within all kinds of areas:

The woman, who cooks the most magic and delicious food (“No, no this is nothing – I just followed a recipe”)
Or the man, who loves baking or experimenting putting different kinds of stuff in his bread and cakes (“Look my darling – how clever I am”)
The children creating a fantasy castle from Lego’s
Or the woman, who really wants to create flower bouquets and decorations, but has chosen to earn money as a HR employee.
And those, who are good at knitting or sewing – or…..

Yes – we are all creative – in our own way.

In which way are YOU creative?

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