If it doesn’t kill you – it makes you stronger (UK)


Esther’s Friday Blog 25 August 2017

If it doesn’t kill you – it makes you stronger

The first time I heard this saying (which might be a little cliché) I was a little scared by it. However, without going into details on my own life, I have experienced many times that it is true: If it doesn’t kill you – it makes you stronger.

You are going through a big life trauma – your heart feels like it is breaking, and your mind keeps telling you:
“I cannot handle this. How will I ever get over this and be happy again?”

And then suddenly little by little, you have fought yourself through the tunnel to the other side. It might have cost you some big or minor painful sacrifices, but one day you’ll discover that you made it through the tunnel alive: “I made it – and actually I am alright again.”

Often, you will need courage and a strong inner core to get through the tunnel and become even stronger than before the trauma.

In my own inner circle, I have a lot of strong persons – including persons, who have become stronger by being exposed to hard and life threatening diseases.

Brave persons like the woman, who was hospitalized and quarantined because of dangerous bacterias. Not until after her recovery, she was told that there had been a huge risk of her dying from this.

And the woman, who defied the cancer and the complications of the cancer and participated in a 46 km long walk.

For both women applies that they are more concerned about other people’s well-being than their own.

But these two strong and brave women have also been through the tunnel, thinking: “I cannot cope with this – I’ll never make it.”

We all pass through this tunnel – maybe even several times in our lives. This happens especially, when we are experiencing a huge life crisis and changes in life – such as divorce, loss of a dear one, stress or unemployment.

Some years ago, I was employed at a company, which was going bankrupt. All the employees lost their jobs.

One of my colleagues had a wife and children to support. I asked him, how he felt.

“Fine”, he replied. “It is just money – nobody died.”

How did life make YOU stronger?

Photo: Freeimages.com – Ante Vekic


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