Take care of your own karma!

As mentioned in my blog on Ayni, there is good as well as bad karma. “the law about reason and effect”

Do good to others
In short karma means: What you give – you will receive”. If you are good to others, others will be good to you. Someone might protest that they are always good to others, but others are never good to them anyway. If you have those thoughts, we are dealing with another blog about self-esteem. We might experience not getting back, what we “deserve”. However, it is important to remember that we can “save up” karma” and thus get back the good karma at another occasion. For instance, we might receive ayni from another person. Be aware that everytime, you do good to others from an honest heart – you can rest assured that you will get it back eventually.

Negative/bad actions
The same applies, when are acting in a bad manner. We might think that we got away with it, but this is not the case. Eventually, karma will get back to us. It doesn’t matter, if it small or big issues. The karma will keep on “following” us, until we have learned “to behave”. Unfortunately, we often repeat our bad actions. Whether it is a person taking the bigger piece of the pie – speaking badly about others – cheating in taxes – steeling, or murdering – karma will “find” the person. When I am acting badly myself, I often experience “instant karma”.

Instant karma – The copier – Cause
My first story takes place many years ago, when I had just started learning about the Law of Karma.
I need to take photocopy of something important – and fast. I hurry to the library to use their machine. A little irritated, I see that there is already one person very close to the copying machine, starting to open his bag. Instinctly, I am aware that he is also going to use the machine, but I hurry overthere anyway. (In the “subtle” way of pretending NOT to be running). Very rapidly, I place my paper on the machine (noticing the very surpised person standing with his  paper in his hand). Before the person gets to react – I have grapped my copy and disappeared out of the library. Maybe a bit embarressed – but – alas – also also very content by getting my copy so fast.

A few days later, I have an even more urgent copying task. This time, I choose to go to the local bookstore. No one is at the machine, when I arrive, so I feel lucky. I place the paper in the machine and go to the cashier to pay in advance. When I get bak to the machine – well – another person is copying his papers – and not only one piece of paper. Did I get irritated? No – in fact – I started laughing instead – saying to myself: “Hello Karma – thank you-”

Instant karma – The red light – Cause
The next story is an incident from not very long ago. Trafficwise, I am almost boring – always following all rules and speed limits.
On this particular day, I have to turn left at a green light. When it is my turn to drive, a young man in a van crosses the road from the opposite direction, even though the light is red. I have to use my brakes to avoid that he drives into me. I must admit that I do burst out a few not very nice words about this young man. I ignore the voice inside of me saying: Take care of your karma, Esther. “No, he is the one, who should take care of his own karma.”

A very short moment after, I reach a red traffic light and I stop my car. Then I see (Yes – I really do) that the light changes to green, so I start rolling – until I hear someone behind me honking his horn. Very surprised, I discover that the light is still red, so I roll back again (luckily just 1-2 meters). I do see the man in the car beside me shaking his head in contempt, but I just wave appologizingly and laugh a bit. Hello karma – there you are again. And the rest of the way, I exclaimed a lot of good reasons as to why other cars/motorbikes were driving badly: “Oh – he is probably just hurrying to the hospital with his wife, who has started giving birth”.

Don’t judge other people
On this day, when I almost drove despite of a red light, I realized that the young man in the van, didn’t necessarily ignore the red light on purpose. Maybe, he just didn’t see the red light, like me. (That being said – I do NOT think it is ok to ignore a red light Just the other day, a very bad accident happened at the exact same traffic light).

Does this mean that karma is a punishment?
No – karma is not a punishment. The purpose of karma is the lead you into “the right path”. Karma teaches you to be the best version of yourself and treat yourself and others in a good respectful manner. Karma is helping you to develop personally as well as spiritually.

You are responsible of your own karma
Like the buddhists say, you are the only one, who decide your own karma. Only you decide, whether you want to act, talk, or think badly/negatively or positively – maybe even by giving ayni to someone/something.

Be aware that no matter what you choose – you will get it back eventually – one way or the other. So why not just always choose “the good”?

Be the best edition of yourself – it will be worth it!

Take care of your own karma!

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Get out!

Instead of staying inside being lazy, you should get out into the nature. Luckily, this is an easy task today, when it is summer, warm,, light, and nice. But actually, wonders happen all the year around.

I still remember a day a lot of years ago, when I had a little garden. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about garden work. No – I was the kind of garden owner, who worked very hard in the garden once in April/May, when I removed all weed. Hurray – now it is done, I thought. A little naive, I was convinced that this was the only time I needed to remove any weed. Needless to tell you that I got disappointed every year, when I had to initiate the same process again. Although this became somewhat easier after my speciel experience.

The nature heals
On this particular day, I really felt like shit (pardon my French). I felt sad deep deep inside of me. I had felt like this, since I woke up in hte morning. Everything felt hopeless. Right until “something” mademe go out into my little garden to remove the withered crowns of my roses. Walking around from one rose to the next – I sensed more and more that my mood was improving. Suddenly, I discovered (kind of astonished) that I had started humming.

Suddenly, my mood had turned 180 degrees. When I went into my little terrace house again, I was filled with happiness and optimism.

Close contact
After this special day, the process of removing the weed was – well not a pleasure – but a process, which made me feel much better inside afterwards.

In fact, I started really taking in the nature. I even started being interested in shamanism – which really means close contact to nature.

Free Mindfulness
Try it yourself. Go for a walk. Really feel the nature with all your senses: Sight, hearing, smelling, touching – eving tasting. Really sense everything. Nature has so much to offer – free gifts to all of us: Trees, plants, flowers, animals, birds, rainbows, snow flakes, dancing sun beams, and much more.

We are so lucky: Free Mindfulness for all of us.

Have a nice summer
With this blog, I will wish you a fantastic summer. In all July, Esther’s Friday Blog will have a little summer break. However, each Friday, you’ll still find a blog from Esther’s Friday Blog. Every week I intend to present one of my most “popular” old blogs on Facebook.

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Thank you to Thomas, whom I met unexpectedly today. He inspired me to the blog of this week. Please feel free to send more ideas for new blogs, so I have something “fresh” for August.

Have a fantastic Summer – Life is waiting for you!

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Going to Bloksbjerg … or??

Tomorrow will be Midsommer. In some countries like Denmark this reminds us of words like witch and Bloksbjerg, because this is the evening, when we burn witch dolls on big fires on the beaches. Afterwards, the witches will be forwarded on flying broom sticks to Bloksbjerg (Germany).

Well I might be a witch – but a good witch. And this year, the Danes are not allowed to have fires on the beaches. (hurray – so I stay here again)

Burn all the unecessary stuff and be free
Midsommer is your chance to “burn” away all the unecessary stuff of your life. I.e. everything you cannot let go, which is hindering you from living your life fully.:

  • The burnable “clutter/mess” from last week, when we tidied up
  • Negative convictions
  • Bad habits and “identities”, worth letting go
  • Old boyfriends/girlfriends (=the thought of them)

The real burnable stuff
This is easy. Last week, you tidied up – so now you just place all the old stuff in the proper containers. I know it would be much more fun just to put everything on a big fire – but this is not possible (alas).

Negative beliefs
We program ourselves all the time to keep a lot of beliefs about ourselves and others. Some of these beliefs are good one, which we should hold on to and give even more positive focus. Others are negative ones, wearing us out and maby leading to stress and physical issues. Write down all your negative beliefs on small notes. I am sure you know yourself, which beliefs you want to get rid of.

Bad habits and characteristics worth letting go
First of all – find consider, whether you really want to get rid of these bad habit or characteristics. You need to be quite sure that these are really hindering you in living your life fully. Are you sure? Ok now write everything on small notes like before.

Old boyfriend/girlfriends and other ex-es
No – of course you cannot put him/her on big fires, but like above you can write her/his name on small nots.

What then?
Well – I wish I could now write: Please throw each of these notes on the fire on Midsommer Eve – one at a time. For each note – feel that you really let go of the habit, belief, ex-boy/girlfriend, while the note is burning on the bunfire. No bunfire available? Ok – find another solution – realistic or imaginable – up to you.

Have a nice Midsummer
I hope you will succed in burning a lot of your inner blockings away. It is a fact that this may be felt like a real inner cleansing, which can be good for all of us.

Now, I am going to grap my broom and hide it, so nobody will get any “good” ideas.

Have en fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Tidy up your mess

We know this sentence from our childhood – and we are repeating this to our children.

But what about you? Are you good at tidying up?

Why doesn’t she just mind her own business – you may think.

Well – simply because this can be influencing on our well-being.

If everything is a mess on the outside – it is a mess on the inside as well
Wow this was a statement. But try it on yourself. You have a lot of dishes to do after a cosy dinner party. Your dishwasher doesn’t work – or maybe you don’t own one (like me).

How are you, when you notice all these dishes? Do you feel joyful and full of energy? Or do you feel tired and without any energy?

And – now – how do you feel after having done the dishes?

Relieved – aroused- full of energy? You might have other tasks as well – but one step at a time.

This does not only apply to doing the dishes
No – this applies to all kinds of tidying up and cleaning: Piles of laundry, papers etc. Lumbers with a lot of items piled up.

A change of your mood is noticeable.

Depression, stress etc
Let’s get back to the prior statement: at vende tilbage til mit tidligere postulat: If everything is a mess on the outside – it is a mess on the inside as welle.  It is a fact that living in a mess is not a healing environment for a person, who is depressed or stressed. The problem is that a depressed or stressed person is not always able to cope with dealing with tidying up. This might make everything escalate. Everything is getting worse – the mess as well as the stress.

The above should be seen as “worse case scenario”, and it shouldn’t get so far as this. In case it does, it is important to have a good family or friend, who can help dealing with it. But how can you prevent this yourself: Well – even small steps will help.

Feng Shui
I do not intend to elaborate too much on this area, since I am no specialist. But in short terms Feng Shui is the wisdom about making our surroundings energetic harmonous and well-balanced – and thereby providing you the best potentials in live.

  • All visible areas have been tidied up
  • All “invisible” areas have been tidied up
  • You have made some interiour detailed changes

The visible areas
These areas are easy to see. Is everything is in harmony and balance according to YOUR standards? This is the most important issue here. Although, other people might think that everything is a mess in your home – you might see things differently. And this is what it is all about. If you like your home to be full of stuff and piles – then it is not a mess in your eyes.

The invisible areas
Here we are dealing with cupboards and rooms in the basement and on lofts. If you are tidying up on these areas, you may very well really feel a difference inside of yourself. You may feel that you are really in harmony and balance. And the process itself is really energizing.

Interiour details
Feng shui is dealing with some systems, in which you home is divided into a socalled bagua with various areas with each their own life areas (eg. love, wealth, work, etc.). It is then possible to increase the good energy by various items/colours. Try to google Feng Shui and see, which of the Feng Shui systems is the best for you

We are all different
When my children were small, some of my friends couldn’t understand, why I let my children decide for themselves, if they wanted their rooms to be a mess. I tried to explained that the rooms were my children’s own “caves”. See – this didn’t mean that they never tidied up their rooms. Of course not. And the rooms were cleaned too. 🙂

We need to accept each other
The above doesn’t only apply to children – but also to adults. Other adults, however, want everything to be perfct all the time.

Remember this: We are all entitled to diversity. Everything is ok.

What about me? Well – I love that everything looks nice and tidy. The problem is that I very often place an item “just for a moment”. And suddenly, a lot of stuff has been placed like that. So please believe me – I am talking from my own experience. 🙂

Are you going to tidy up now – or?

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Smile to the World …….

“Smile to the world – and the world will smile back to you” – is this true?

Hey what is up to?
What do you do, when a person smiles at you?

  1. Flustered because exactly this man/woman is smiling at exactly YOU, you don’t smile back, until it is too late – and he/she has disappeared out of your world again?
  2. You are convinced that he/she is smiling doesn’t smile at you but at another person, so you choose to avoid smiling back?
  3. You don’t like that particular this man/woman smiles at you, because she probably has a hidden agenda, so you ignore the smile?
  4.  You smile back?

Automatic smile
What if, you started practising smiling back automatically – without any fear – without any worries? Just keeping a happy “knowledge”: Of course you are the one he/she is smiling without any muggy agenda.?

Do you dare taking this challenge
You might even go further be the one, initiating smiling at another person instead of waiting for a smile from the person. This is a challenge, because you are at “risk” of “suffering” because you might not get a smile back in return – either for reason 1, 2, or 3.  You need to be able not to take this personally and instead enjoy the small victories, which will come, when you do get smiles back in return.

The influence of a smile
If you receive a smile and dare to accept it, you become happy and full of positive energy. You might feel that the rest of your day has been “saved”. At the same time you might find out that your automatic smile appears, as described above. This might sound a little like a robot, but rest assured that this is not the case. Smiling can be very energizing for body, mind and soul. You can be filed with happy bubbles i your chest, which can spread to the rest of your body – and if yu are lucky this will last for a while – particularly if you keep on getting smiling attacks. At the same time a smile from you can influence other people.

Practise the half smile
This very easy and simple exercise can be used at all times – and also if you feel sad.
1. Be attentive of your body
2. Breath in and smile a little smile at the same time
3. Relax your lips at the exhale
4. Repeat this 6 times
5. Are there any bubbles now? Otherwise, you just repeat the proceduren

Very easy.

So -now – hurry out and smile at some persons – maybe even someone, whom you don’t know. And remember to smile at yourself. It might be worth the while – and it is contageous.

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Medicine Walk – keep an eye out for the signs

My attentive reader might have noticed that this is the second time I am using a rainbow as my blog photo. It will probably not be the last one either.

Should I go right or left?
For many years I have used rainbows to tell me, which way to go in life. Often, when I have been at a cross roads doubting, which way to go (and believe me – I have been at many cross roads) –  I have asked for a rainbow in one or the other way – to tell me, whether I should go left instead of right (or the opposite).

And everytime, a rainbow has presented itself to me, when I was “supposed” to go in a certain direction. Either physically on the sky, on a photo, in TV – or as a song (eg. “True Colours”, which I have a ring tone one my phone as well).

It works
I think the wildest experience, I ever had, was about 15 years ago, when I asked speficially: “If I am to do this, my boyfriend will ask me to come into his room by saying: “Look Esther – here is a rainbow”.
And – yep – he did just that. I hardly believed my own ears – neither my eyes – when I saw a fantastic rainbow, shining in the water jets of a fountain.

The challenge
This sounds pretty easy – and it is in fact. The challenge only lies within the fact that you need to believe in the signs, which you get. And for this, you need practise. Practise, which you can get on a “Medicine walk”.

Medicine Walk
Well – of course it is not only yours truly, who ask for assistance in this way. It is a well-known phenomenon within the shamanistic world. Not only to obtain guidance but also to get answers in insights about everything.

A medicine walk can take from 5-10 minutes until perhaps the rest of your life. My pilgrimage on “El Camino” was also a medicin walk to me. On the approx. 800 km long walk, I achieved much insights and many symbols (incl. rainbows) – all of which I intend to write a book soon.

10 minutes
Yet an example of a shamanistic Medicine Walk from my own world, was a shamanistic workshop with Chris Lüttichau 7 years ago. In beforehand, the participants were to decide, to what they wanted to receive answers, after which they should go for a walk and keep an eye out for the signs/answers, which would appear within 20 minutes.

At this point of time, I wanted to move to another flat, hence this was what my question was about. As always, it took 10 minutes – then I got the answer in the “Assistent Kirkegaard” (a famous Danish churchyard). There was a huge sign, saying: “På det tidspunkt ville jeg gerne flytte til en anden bolig, så mit spørgsmål handlede om netop dette. Der gik – som altid med mig ca. 10 minutter – så kom svaret inde i Assistent Kirkegård. Et stort skilt, hvorpå der stod:
“Gartner house will move on 1 of March”.

And – quite true – shortly after this I got an offer on my present flat, in which I was to move in on 1 of March.

Are you using signs and symbols yourself to guide you through life? Did you ever go on a Medicine walk?

Otherwise – now might be the time to go 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Say thank you!

Some people claim that they have nothing to be grateful for.

This is a conviction, which might be self-enforcing. Negativity breeds negativity – positivity breeds positivity. This applies to gratitude as well.

There is plenty for everyone
In fact, the Universe is full of abundance. There is plenty for everyone.

“New age B.”, you might think. “She has been reading to much in “The Secret” (a book focused on how to create abundance).

The truth is that I have just scimmed the above book, so this blog is based on my own experiences only. The readers, who read my blog last week on miracles – in which I miraculously got a sausage at the most perfect time  – might remember that I wrote that I remembered to be grateful afterwards.

And this is exactly, what it is all about: By showing gratitude, you will receive more!

To whom should I be grateful?
What is she speaking about? Who does she want me to say thank you to? Well – in my case, I started saying thank you to the shopping assistant. After that I felt overall gratefulness towards the incident (I was hungry, as you remember).

Whom you say thank you to is not important. The word “Thank you” is enough. It doesn’t matter, whether you say thank you to a God, the Universe, you old teddybear – or to yourself. You don’t even have to decide, whom you want to be grateful to. The gratitude will reach the right place.

Start with the easy ones
Most people can find something to be grateful for:

  • I  get food every day
  • I have a place to live
  • I have a wonderful family
  • The sun is shining
  • A rainbow
  • A little child, sending you a smile
  • A person, helping you with something
  • And ……….

Pure gratitude is enough. Remember to be grateful for even tiny things happening to you in your everyday life. Maybe you find a one-Euro on the ground: “Thank you – now I have the coin, I need for a trolley or an icecream.” By showing gratitude towards everything – including (seemingly) small things – greater stuff will happen to be grateful for. (Yes – it is true 🙂 ).

Thank you in advance
You might even start saying thank you – already BEFORE you have received/experienced, what you wished for. You might already know that it is possible “to order” a parking space in beforehand. Every time, I remember to to so, I succeed in getting one. I have even experimented on ordering one specific parking space out of many possible – and I have succeed in achieving that as well – several times. And how do I do that? By saying “thank you” in advance.

Turn something negative into something positive
Sometimes, I say thank you for something, which I might not really feel grateful for at first glance. This happened today, when I was driving on the highway. While passing under a bridge, a stone hit the front window of my car – giving a big “clonck”. Oh no – the window was damaged. Well – no, I was not happy for this – but then I thought: “Thank you for this happening on the passenger’s side of the window instead of the driver’s side. Now, I don’t need to hurry to have it fixed”.

You need to feel the gratitude as well
There is another important ingrediense: The feeling of gratitude. You need to feel that you are grateful. Maybe as bubbles or a feeling of peace inside of you. This will make a positive difference. It might be difficult at the beginning, but practise everyday in saying thank you for everything big as well as small things. Maybe you wont feel anything at the beginning – but you improve.

One last ingredient
Let go – let go – let go. And see what happens.

Show gratitude to everything 
And I really mean everything. The more grateful you are for receiveing big and small things – the more you will obtain.

You still don’t believe me?

Let me give you an example, which might explain it on a more down-to-earth manner:

You give a present to a person. The person receives the present – without saying thank you.

Ok – How much do you really want to give a present to this person again?

And now – try to turn this statement the other way around……….

You see now …… ? 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Huge and small miracles (or the story about the sausage)

Life is full of miracles

What is a miracle?
Every day of your life you can experience huge or small miracles. You just have to recognize them. Some times, something happens to you, which might seem “insignficant”, which is in fact a miracel. Here are some of the more obvious miracles:

  • When a person is cured from a “usually” uncurable desease
  • When a person is rescued from a serious accident
  • Everytime a child or other living being is born
  • When a coupled, who have been “doomed” childless – suddenly “are expecting a child”
  • The miracles of nature – i.e. the cave on the photo

The above are some of the miracles, which are the easiest to acknowledge as being miracles.

Other miracles might be more difficult to see -but they are there. I make an effort out of discovering all the miracles of my life.

One of my latest examples of a little miracle, felt very huge to me:

The sausage
One afternoon, I had just been teaching and was on my way to visit a family member at a hospital. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring my lunch, so I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast. I was hungry as well as dizzy, and it didn’t help to drink water. I decided to buy some fruit in hospital shop, but all the fruit was bad. “Ok”, I thought – “I’ll have to try to drink some more water, because I don’t want to eat candy”. I went to the shop assistant to pay for the little gift, I had bought.

In the exact moment one of the other shop assistants said: “Would anyone here like to have a sausage. By mistake, I have just cut it into two slices”.

Normally, I am don’t eat much meat at all – but I quickly replied: “Yes – please – I would very much like that.”

This divided sausage saved the rest of my day. I ate it with great pleasure – and afterwards I was ready to go visit the patient.

The most important thing was that I remembered to be grateful!

Keep an eye out for the miracles
Remember this: Miracles are everywhere. Both the huge miracles and the small ones. Some of them are easier to discover than others. But I promise you: If only you get started noticing them – you will find that they happen much more often (than you believe in, while reading my words about a sausage)

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Temper your impatience!

I haven’t always been patient – but I dare say that I have become much better. Once in a while, I am still a little to eager for something to manifest – but life has taught me that it is worth while being patient.

Who are impatient?
This is very individually. Some people have more tendency of being impatient than others. Some persons are so grounded that they are more patient. However, even the most patient persons might sometimes be impatient (after all, they are only human beings) Some people are even “born being impatient”, so already from when they are very small, they think everything is going to slowly. Others become more impatient as adults – often in connection with work- or privately related problems – or mayboth both.

Why do we get impatient?
We are getting impatient, if we want to achieve something, but it takes too long for this to be accomplished. It might be related to anything:

  • Slow traffic queues
  • Queues in the supermarket
  • Your partner spending too much time doing this or that
  • The boyfriend/girlfriend, who doesn’t appear – no matter how many dating profiles you have
  • The job of your dreams, which goes to another person, so you have to start all over searching for a job
  • Or …… you probably have a lot of other examples

What happens, when we are too impatient!
Well – I might just have made a “copy-paste” from the Friday blog of last week. Like worrying in advance impatience result in this: im

We are not present in the moment!

What will happen, if we learn to be more patient?
Besides from the obvious – that we learn to be more in the moment, there are several other benefits by being patient instead of impatient:

  • We become more grounded
  • Our physical and mental health will improve
  • We don’t feed the luring stress, which loves impatience
  • We become more sociable to our surroundings – e.g. our partner
  • We might avoid possible dangers
  • We discover possibilities, which we didn’t see before

We might avoid dangers
I know people, who were impatiently waiting in a traffic queu. They have been irritated, because they knew they would be late at a meeting. Later on they find out that if they had arrived in time, they would have taken part of a big traffic accident or a traffic control. Then suddenly, they are pleased that they didn’t arrive in time.

We discover new possibilities
By being patient and not too busy, we discover that the waiting instead of hurrying was worth the while. We might meet an old friend, whom we haven’t seen for a long time, and whom we would not have met, if the queu had been shorter. Instead of jumping into hopeless relationsships, which we know from the start, are hopeless, we wait patiently. And then one day he or she will be there in front of us – and we have no doubt anymore. And of course, your dream job wasn’t your dream job after all. It will come too, when you are ready. When we are patient and stay in the moment – it is much easier to discover the alternative possibilities, when they appear.

If you are patient – you’ll obtain the very best – have faith!

The snail
Look at the marvellous snail on the photo – strectching it’s neck. It is able to see the goal – and then it moves slowly, quietly and PATIENTLY towards the goal. And the snail will reach it’s goal in time. (Thank you to the photographer, who prefers to reamain unknown).

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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Let go of your worries – and live in the moment!

Maybe you read the Mark Twain quote of Esther’s Monday Bubble.
“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.””

I know this from my own life. When I was a child, I was sitting like a paralized in the chair in front of our main entrance – waiting for my parents to return home from the supermarket. I worried something might have happened to them. (This was birth of the cellphones).

As a teenager I worried about my boyfriends. “Why didn’t he  call me yet” (I was waiting by my parents’ landline).

Later on, I got children of my own, and then the worries just grew to dimensions – and while my children were growing up, the worries were growing as well.

Some time I would lie in my bed for hours – just waiting for my teenage sons to finally returning home. Until they did, I had imagined all kinds of accidents.

The many faces of worries
Worries may have many faces – money troubles, work troubles, relationsship troubles etc. Common for many (maybe even most of them): The quote of Mark Twain is still valid. The worries are growing immensely and they seem to be genuine within our heads – but (luckily) they are rarely “fullfilled”.

What happens to us, if we worry in advance?
When we worry, we actually lose our ability to be present in the moment. we worry about something, of which we do not know the result. We don’t know yet, whether in fact we need to worry at all. This we won’t know – until later on – in the future. This means that we are mentally in the future, in which we are worrying about an illusion – which might never happen. This may influence us both mentally, emotionally – and even physically (heartbeat, sweat, etc.)

Hvad sker der med os, når vi lader være med at bekymre os
If, however, we do not worry in advance, we’ll be able to enjoy the present much more and take things as they happen. In case anything should happen (which we previously would have been worrying about in advance), we’ll be able to act on it. People might even become better at making good decisions, when they are experiencing some major crisis, if they have let go of worrying in advance.

What can we do to avoid worrying in advance?
Well – wouldn’t it be great if you could just decide to stop worrying in advance. Of course, people do exist, who are able to do this. But for many people, it is difficult to let go of an old habit, which they have carried around from childhood.
Luckily, there are good alternative methods, which can help. Besides therapy and coaching – there is eg. thoughtfield therapy / EFT. This is a fantastic tool, which has helped a lot of people acutely as well on a long sight. Look at my website for more info. www.reikihealer.dk

What about you – are you worrying in advance as well?

Have a fantasti  weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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