Take care of your own karma!

As mentioned in my blog on Ayni, there is good as well as bad karma. “the law about reason and effect”

Do good to others
In short karma means: What you give – you will receive”. If you are good to others, others will be good to you. Someone might protest that they are always good to others, but others are never good to them anyway. If you have those thoughts, we are dealing with another blog about self-esteem. We might experience not getting back, what we “deserve”. However, it is important to remember that we can “save up” karma” and thus get back the good karma at another occasion. For instance, we might receive ayni from another person. Be aware that everytime, you do good to others from an honest heart – you can rest assured that you will get it back eventually.

Negative/bad actions
The same applies, when are acting in a bad manner. We might think that we got away with it, but this is not the case. Eventually, karma will get back to us. It doesn’t matter, if it small or big issues. The karma will keep on “following” us, until we have learned “to behave”. Unfortunately, we often repeat our bad actions. Whether it is a person taking the bigger piece of the pie – speaking badly about others – cheating in taxes – steeling, or murdering – karma will “find” the person. When I am acting badly myself, I often experience “instant karma”.

Instant karma – The copier – Cause
My first story takes place many years ago, when I had just started learning about the Law of Karma.
I need to take photocopy of something important – and fast. I hurry to the library to use their machine. A little irritated, I see that there is already one person very close to the copying machine, starting to open his bag. Instinctly, I am aware that he is also going to use the machine, but I hurry overthere anyway. (In the “subtle” way of pretending NOT to be running). Very rapidly, I place my paper on the machine (noticing the very surpised person standing with his  paper in his hand). Before the person gets to react – I have grapped my copy and disappeared out of the library. Maybe a bit embarressed – but – alas – also also very content by getting my copy so fast.

A few days later, I have an even more urgent copying task. This time, I choose to go to the local bookstore. No one is at the machine, when I arrive, so I feel lucky. I place the paper in the machine and go to the cashier to pay in advance. When I get bak to the machine – well – another person is copying his papers – and not only one piece of paper. Did I get irritated? No – in fact – I started laughing instead – saying to myself: “Hello Karma – thank you-”

Instant karma – The red light – Cause
The next story is an incident from not very long ago. Trafficwise, I am almost boring – always following all rules and speed limits.
On this particular day, I have to turn left at a green light. When it is my turn to drive, a young man in a van crosses the road from the opposite direction, even though the light is red. I have to use my brakes to avoid that he drives into me. I must admit that I do burst out a few not very nice words about this young man. I ignore the voice inside of me saying: Take care of your karma, Esther. “No, he is the one, who should take care of his own karma.”

A very short moment after, I reach a red traffic light and I stop my car. Then I see (Yes – I really do) that the light changes to green, so I start rolling – until I hear someone behind me honking his horn. Very surprised, I discover that the light is still red, so I roll back again (luckily just 1-2 meters). I do see the man in the car beside me shaking his head in contempt, but I just wave appologizingly and laugh a bit. Hello karma – there you are again. And the rest of the way, I exclaimed a lot of good reasons as to why other cars/motorbikes were driving badly: “Oh – he is probably just hurrying to the hospital with his wife, who has started giving birth”.

Don’t judge other people
On this day, when I almost drove despite of a red light, I realized that the young man in the van, didn’t necessarily ignore the red light on purpose. Maybe, he just didn’t see the red light, like me. (That being said – I do NOT think it is ok to ignore a red light Just the other day, a very bad accident happened at the exact same traffic light).

Does this mean that karma is a punishment?
No – karma is not a punishment. The purpose of karma is the lead you into “the right path”. Karma teaches you to be the best version of yourself and treat yourself and others in a good respectful manner. Karma is helping you to develop personally as well as spiritually.

You are responsible of your own karma
Like the buddhists say, you are the only one, who decide your own karma. Only you decide, whether you want to act, talk, or think badly/negatively or positively – maybe even by giving ayni to someone/something.

Be aware that no matter what you choose – you will get it back eventually – one way or the other. So why not just always choose “the good”?

Be the best edition of yourself – it will be worth it!

Take care of your own karma!

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