Careful what you wish for

Everything you wish for is fulfillable – and this applies to “what you really wish for” as well as “what you do not wish for” (I do, however believe that the pigeon in the middle is very happy with the fulfillment of its wish).

You might remember my recent blog about karma. Everything will come back to you. This also applies to you “wishes” or “non-wishes”. Everything is about resonance: Everything you send out, will get back to you. The Universe is intelligent – and in order to help you the best – you will have the wish fulfilled, to which you have created resonance.

You will also receive what “you don’t want to receive”
The fact that you’ll receive what you wish for is rather easy to understand – but what about the fact that you also receive what “you don’t want to receive”?
An example: Have you ever arrived at a party with the thought: Oh no – I hope that I don’t get to sit next to “him”. He is so irritating. A few moments later, you discover that you “accidentially” are placed beside exactly next to this person.
Or did you ever think: “Oh no – now I am so late that there are probably no free parking spaces”? Need I say more?

Practise only wishing for what you really wish for
And yes – you are so right. This is much easier said than done. Even when we have started thinking differently and practise being positive, everything might “go wrong”. Why is this? Well, several issues might be the reasons for this – for instance:

Even though, you think that you really have wished for a parking space, a little “worm” has been “itching” you, making you doubt that you will succeed.
You still have some “old” karma, which you have not yet been “settled”. For instance, you might have “stolen” a parking space from another person

FEEL that your wish has already been fulfilled
When you really really wish for something – you need to be able to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel, how it is to be after having your wish fulfilled. (However, I do not know how a parking space tastes – but I hope that my exaggeration will make you understand precisely what I mean.)
After this, everything is about letting go – completely letting go.

My own experience: It is a little easier letting go of the wish for a  parking space than the wish for winning 1o million Euro.

But I have obtained a lot of good parking spaces. 🙂

Good luck on wishing for the best!

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you.

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