Get out!

Instead of staying inside being lazy, you should get out into the nature. Luckily, this is an easy task today, when it is summer, warm,, light, and nice. But actually, wonders happen all the year around.

I still remember a day a lot of years ago, when I had a little garden. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about garden work. No – I was the kind of garden owner, who worked very hard in the garden once in April/May, when I removed all weed. Hurray – now it is done, I thought. A little naive, I was convinced that this was the only time I needed to remove any weed. Needless to tell you that I got disappointed every year, when I had to initiate the same process again. Although this became somewhat easier after my speciel experience.

The nature heals
On this particular day, I really felt like shit (pardon my French). I felt sad deep deep inside of me. I had felt like this, since I woke up in hte morning. Everything felt hopeless. Right until “something” mademe go out into my little garden to remove the withered crowns of my roses. Walking around from one rose to the next – I sensed more and more that my mood was improving. Suddenly, I discovered (kind of astonished) that I had started humming.

Suddenly, my mood had turned 180 degrees. When I went into my little terrace house again, I was filled with happiness and optimism.

Close contact
After this special day, the process of removing the weed was – well not a pleasure – but a process, which made me feel much better inside afterwards.

In fact, I started really taking in the nature. I even started being interested in shamanism – which really means close contact to nature.

Free Mindfulness
Try it yourself. Go for a walk. Really feel the nature with all your senses: Sight, hearing, smelling, touching – eving tasting. Really sense everything. Nature has so much to offer – free gifts to all of us: Trees, plants, flowers, animals, birds, rainbows, snow flakes, dancing sun beams, and much more.

We are so lucky: Free Mindfulness for all of us.

Have a nice summer
With this blog, I will wish you a fantastic summer. In all July, Esther’s Friday Blog will have a little summer break. However, each Friday, you’ll still find a blog from Esther’s Friday Blog. Every week I intend to present one of my most “popular” old blogs on Facebook.

Find Esthers Friday blog on Facebook.

Thank you to Thomas, whom I met unexpectedly today. He inspired me to the blog of this week. Please feel free to send more ideas for new blogs, so I have something “fresh” for August.

Have a fantastic Summer – Life is waiting for you!

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