Smile to the World …….

“Smile to the world – and the world will smile back to you” – is this true?

Hey what is up to?
What do you do, when a person smiles at you?

  1. Flustered because exactly this man/woman is smiling at exactly YOU, you don’t smile back, until it is too late – and he/she has disappeared out of your world again?
  2. You are convinced that he/she is smiling doesn’t smile at you but at another person, so you choose to avoid smiling back?
  3. You don’t like that particular this man/woman smiles at you, because she probably has a hidden agenda, so you ignore the smile?
  4.  You smile back?

Automatic smile
What if, you started practising smiling back automatically – without any fear – without any worries? Just keeping a happy “knowledge”: Of course you are the one he/she is smiling without any muggy agenda.?

Do you dare taking this challenge
You might even go further be the one, initiating smiling at another person instead of waiting for a smile from the person. This is a challenge, because you are at “risk” of “suffering” because you might not get a smile back in return – either for reason 1, 2, or 3.  You need to be able not to take this personally and instead enjoy the small victories, which will come, when you do get smiles back in return.

The influence of a smile
If you receive a smile and dare to accept it, you become happy and full of positive energy. You might feel that the rest of your day has been “saved”. At the same time you might find out that your automatic smile appears, as described above. This might sound a little like a robot, but rest assured that this is not the case. Smiling can be very energizing for body, mind and soul. You can be filed with happy bubbles i your chest, which can spread to the rest of your body – and if yu are lucky this will last for a while – particularly if you keep on getting smiling attacks. At the same time a smile from you can influence other people.

Practise the half smile
This very easy and simple exercise can be used at all times – and also if you feel sad.
1. Be attentive of your body
2. Breath in and smile a little smile at the same time
3. Relax your lips at the exhale
4. Repeat this 6 times
5. Are there any bubbles now? Otherwise, you just repeat the proceduren

Very easy.

So -now – hurry out and smile at some persons – maybe even someone, whom you don’t know. And remember to smile at yourself. It might be worth the while – and it is contageous.

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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