Tidy up your mess

We know this sentence from our childhood – and we are repeating this to our children.

But what about you? Are you good at tidying up?

Why doesn’t she just mind her own business – you may think.

Well – simply because this can be influencing on our well-being.

If everything is a mess on the outside – it is a mess on the inside as well
Wow this was a statement. But try it on yourself. You have a lot of dishes to do after a cosy dinner party. Your dishwasher doesn’t work – or maybe you don’t own one (like me).

How are you, when you notice all these dishes? Do you feel joyful and full of energy? Or do you feel tired and without any energy?

And – now – how do you feel after having done the dishes?

Relieved – aroused- full of energy? You might have other tasks as well – but one step at a time.

This does not only apply to doing the dishes
No – this applies to all kinds of tidying up and cleaning: Piles of laundry, papers etc. Lumbers with a lot of items piled up.

A change of your mood is noticeable.

Depression, stress etc
Let’s get back to the prior statement: at vende tilbage til mit tidligere postulat: If everything is a mess on the outside – it is a mess on the inside as welle.  It is a fact that living in a mess is not a healing environment for a person, who is depressed or stressed. The problem is that a depressed or stressed person is not always able to cope with dealing with tidying up. This might make everything escalate. Everything is getting worse – the mess as well as the stress.

The above should be seen as “worse case scenario”, and it shouldn’t get so far as this. In case it does, it is important to have a good family or friend, who can help dealing with it. But how can you prevent this yourself: Well – even small steps will help.

Feng Shui
I do not intend to elaborate too much on this area, since I am no specialist. But in short terms Feng Shui is the wisdom about making our surroundings energetic harmonous and well-balanced – and thereby providing you the best potentials in live.

  • All visible areas have been tidied up
  • All “invisible” areas have been tidied up
  • You have made some interiour detailed changes

The visible areas
These areas are easy to see. Is everything is in harmony and balance according to YOUR standards? This is the most important issue here. Although, other people might think that everything is a mess in your home – you might see things differently. And this is what it is all about. If you like your home to be full of stuff and piles – then it is not a mess in your eyes.

The invisible areas
Here we are dealing with cupboards and rooms in the basement and on lofts. If you are tidying up on these areas, you may very well really feel a difference inside of yourself. You may feel that you are really in harmony and balance. And the process itself is really energizing.

Interiour details
Feng shui is dealing with some systems, in which you home is divided into a socalled bagua with various areas with each their own life areas (eg. love, wealth, work, etc.). It is then possible to increase the good energy by various items/colours. Try to google Feng Shui and see, which of the Feng Shui systems is the best for you

We are all different
When my children were small, some of my friends couldn’t understand, why I let my children decide for themselves, if they wanted their rooms to be a mess. I tried to explained that the rooms were my children’s own “caves”. See – this didn’t mean that they never tidied up their rooms. Of course not. And the rooms were cleaned too. 🙂

We need to accept each other
The above doesn’t only apply to children – but also to adults. Other adults, however, want everything to be perfct all the time.

Remember this: We are all entitled to diversity. Everything is ok.

What about me? Well – I love that everything looks nice and tidy. The problem is that I very often place an item “just for a moment”. And suddenly, a lot of stuff has been placed like that. So please believe me – I am talking from my own experience. 🙂

Are you going to tidy up now – or?

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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