Temper your impatience!

I haven’t always been patient – but I dare say that I have become much better. Once in a while, I am still a little to eager for something to manifest – but life has taught me that it is worth while being patient.

Who are impatient?
This is very individually. Some people have more tendency of being impatient than others. Some persons are so grounded that they are more patient. However, even the most patient persons might sometimes be impatient (after all, they are only human beings) Some people are even “born being impatient”, so already from when they are very small, they think everything is going to slowly. Others become more impatient as adults – often in connection with work- or privately related problems – or mayboth both.

Why do we get impatient?
We are getting impatient, if we want to achieve something, but it takes too long for this to be accomplished. It might be related to anything:

  • Slow traffic queues
  • Queues in the supermarket
  • Your partner spending too much time doing this or that
  • The boyfriend/girlfriend, who doesn’t appear – no matter how many dating profiles you have
  • The job of your dreams, which goes to another person, so you have to start all over searching for a job
  • Or …… you probably have a lot of other examples

What happens, when we are too impatient!
Well – I might just have made a “copy-paste” from the Friday blog of last week. Like worrying in advance impatience result in this: im

We are not present in the moment!

What will happen, if we learn to be more patient?
Besides from the obvious – that we learn to be more in the moment, there are several other benefits by being patient instead of impatient:

  • We become more grounded
  • Our physical and mental health will improve
  • We don’t feed the luring stress, which loves impatience
  • We become more sociable to our surroundings – e.g. our partner
  • We might avoid possible dangers
  • We discover possibilities, which we didn’t see before

We might avoid dangers
I know people, who were impatiently waiting in a traffic queu. They have been irritated, because they knew they would be late at a meeting. Later on they find out that if they had arrived in time, they would have taken part of a big traffic accident or a traffic control. Then suddenly, they are pleased that they didn’t arrive in time.

We discover new possibilities
By being patient and not too busy, we discover that the waiting instead of hurrying was worth the while. We might meet an old friend, whom we haven’t seen for a long time, and whom we would not have met, if the queu had been shorter. Instead of jumping into hopeless relationsships, which we know from the start, are hopeless, we wait patiently. And then one day he or she will be there in front of us – and we have no doubt anymore. And of course, your dream job wasn’t your dream job after all. It will come too, when you are ready. When we are patient and stay in the moment – it is much easier to discover the alternative possibilities, when they appear.

If you are patient – you’ll obtain the very best – have faith!

The snail
Look at the marvellous snail on the photo – strectching it’s neck. It is able to see the goal – and then it moves slowly, quietly and PATIENTLY towards the goal. And the snail will reach it’s goal in time. (Thank you to the photographer, who prefers to reamain unknown).

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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