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(Thank you to Karina for suggesting the subject of today)

Ayni – an awesome word, which ought to be in every dictionary, but it is a word from the language Quechua (spoken by the q’ero people of Peru).

Ayni is an expression from the Inka tradition. Briefly explained, it means to do good without expecting anything in return.

Now, a bright person might claim “But that is the same as “karma”.

Yes …. and no….

There is good karma and bad karma. I intend to write a blog about this in the future – men in a few words: You can generate good karma by doing good deeds – and bad karma by doing bad deeds.

Ayni is solely good karma! The more Ayni you give – the more Ayni, you will get in return. In fact, you might even receive more Ayni than you gave out.

The only requirement is that you must give Ayni – without expecting to get anything in return.

Well, here it becomes tricky. How many of us can sincerely say that we never expect to get anything in return? Hmmm.

When a person truly gives something from his/her heart without expecting reciprocity, it is so beautiful. It is not only, when you physically give something to a person. It might as well be:

  • helping someone performing a task
  • treating others respectfully and equally
  • speaking kindly about others behind their backs
  • caring for the nature
  • being good to animals
  • being grateful
  • buying fair trade food
  • speaking kindly to others
  • doing ……?

If we all consciously started giving Ayni every day, the whole world would be a better and safer place to live.

By giving Ayni, you will discover than even more fantastic things start happening to you. However, it might not come from the same origin as the one you gave to. But rest assured that the Ayni will come. Good creates good.

Practice everyday – and step by step you will discover that Anyni become a more and more natural part of your everyday life.

Now –  hurry out and do some Ayni!

Life is waiting for you.

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