As soon as I get …… then I’ll be happy!


Esther’s Friday Blog 8 September 2017

Don’t we all know this sentence one way or the other? We believe that our happiness is depending on something from the outside instead of inside ourselves.

Very often, the concept of happiness is linked to having loads of money. If we win the lottery and become multi-millionaires, we’ll live happily ever after.

But is this really the truth?

Even though, we have a lot of money, and we are able to buy anything we like – we can still be seriously and incurably ill.  Or we might loose a close relative. Suddenly, it doesn’t matter, if we have millions of Euros or Dollars in the bank. That wont bring our dear ones back to us.

I see it like this: Stuff, we can buy for money – only gives us a us a temporary happiness. Or rather – something which seems like happiness for a very brief period of time.

We might feel extremely happy, if we are able to afford buying a fantastic new electronic wonder – a wonder product, which might have only a few more new functionalities than the similar product, which we bought a year ago. Every time, we look at the new wonder product – we almost feel that we are in love with this wonderful electronic device. We hold it in our hands again and again – and we hope that other people notice that WE possess this new model.

Or we might believe that the responsibility for our happiness lies with another person, so we hurry out to get a new partner. We are looking for happiness outside ourselves instead of trusting that happiness first and foremost is our own responsibility. Happiness is lying inside our hearts as a little sprout – just waiting to unfold and flourish.

A few months later, we might start yearning for an even more fancy and newer model (either electronic or human J), which can make us even more happy.

Yes, I know. The only reason, why I write this, is that I have been there myself – several times. – Every time, I discovered that this was not the secret ingredient for my happiness after all.

Over the years, I have changed my conception of happiness. Oh yes – of course – I would still like becoming a millionaire by playing the lottery. But I don’t want this, because I believe that this will make me more happy, but solely because it would make certain areas of my life more easy.

Now, I feel happiness in many situations. Situations, in which my heart is almost bubbling of joy and gratefulness – for instance, when:

  • Sitting on the floor together with my beloved grandchild
  • Spending time together with people, whom I love and care for
  • Seeing a rainbow, at the exact time I need an encouragement
  • Watching a beautiful landscape, knowing that the Universe is fantastic
  • Gazing into someone’s eyes, and feeling that these eyes really see ME

I could continue giving examples. There are so many ways of feeling happy – without counting your money on your bank account. And unless you’re a small infant, the only one being responsible for your happiness is you – and just you.

Start noticing the events/experiences etc. in your daily life, contributing to your happiness. Big things – small things.

What is your definition of happiness? When do you feel that you are really happy?

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