I always know better than you!

Do you know the kind of people, who always know exactly, what is best for YOU? “No, you should do this instead”. “Don’t eat that. It is not healthy for you”. “Why don’t you”…… etc. etc.

It can be enormously irritating being the person, who is always told by others that he/she should do things differently.

Good and well-wellmeant advice
Maybe you are the person, always getting “good” advice.

Maybe you are the person, always giving “good” and well-meant advice. “It is working so well for me. I can see that she/he will feel better, if…….”

Or maybe you gossip with other persons in your inner circle: “It is really stupid that she does this. She knows that it is bad for her”.

Although, you might sincerely mean that “you know better” than the other person – it is important to remember that just because something feels good for you, the other person doesn’t need to feel the same way.

A unique journey through life
No human beings are completely alike.  We are all unique and have our own personal journey through life. Sometimes, life is speaking less nicely to us – but there is a purpose with this, which we might not recognise immediately.

And other people should not interfere with this.

As I have previously written, life is full of challenges – both huge and small. We meet them in order to grow and learn from our own experiences.

But, I only want, what is best for her
Yes – I know: You really do want that he/she has a good life. That is why you try giving good advice. Maybe your advice is in fact usefull for the other person – but he/she is just not ready for it yet.

Let the things unfold by itself for the other human being. Unless – of course – he/she asks your for help him/herself. Then it is a quite different matter.

As to you, who keep receiving all the “well-meant” advice. Remember that you are entitled to refuse to receive the advice. Of course, you can always ask for help, if you need it. This is your choise – your Life – your Journey – and you are the only one in charge.

All of us need to keep in mind that Life is a journey for each one of us. And we don’t follow the same path all the way.

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

NB – NB – NB – Watch the above photo (from Peru). This journey by bus is leading to “LOVE”

PS: By the way – Most of us own both sides of this issue.

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