A three-steps-New Year Rocket for a Happy New Year!

New Years Eve is close by.

What does New Years Eve mean to you? Do you have a three-steps-New Years rocket like I have?

Step one
First step of my New Years rocket is a reflection on the year, which has passed.

Which positive experiences did I have?
Which “negative” experiences did I have?
In which did I succeed?
Where did I do “wrong”?
Who made me happy?
Whom needs to be forgiven – or the other way around – or both ways?
Who – what………..

Do you wonder, why I put all the “negative” words in question-marks?

The more “negative”-loaded words have a kind of a built-in opportunity for self-development. Words, enabling us to look deeper into ourselves and thereby maybe releasing the emotions, which made us use the words in the first place. Remember that we are all mirrors to each other.

Upon having reflected on the year, which has passed – I go on to step two of my News Years rocket. Here I “decide” what I would like to bring with me to the new year of the same adventures/experiences/words.

I ask myself:

What would I like to work further on?
What would I like to release completely now?
What would would I like to “invent” of new initiatives and beliefs for the new year?

The most important now is to let go of everything, which has been burdening you through the year, which has passed. If this is difficult, you might find the ballon method useful.

When you sense that you have let go of the the heavy stuff, you may imagine that you have a nice bag, which you fill up with all the light, fun, fantastic and loving, which have made you happy during the year. When the bag is complete full, you close it carefully. Like this, you are able to bring in a happiness bag into the next year. A happiness bag, which you can open and have a look into, every time you need an encouragement.
If you need something more physical, you can write everything on small notes and put into a real bag – or you can write the words in a nice book.

The same applies for all your new ideas and plans for the new year. In this case, it might be an advantage, if you do write everything in a book, so you won’t forget anything.
Tak for alt, der har fået mig til at gro som menneske – på vej til at blive den bedste udgave af mig selv
Tak fordi der nu kommer endnu mere af lette, sjove, fantastiske og kærlige

Step 3
On step three of my New Years rocket – I say thank you:

Thank you to all the persons I love and care for
Thank you to all the persons, who have been part of giving me insights
Thank you to ……..
Thank you for all adventures and experiences, which have been part of making me stronger
Thank you for all I achieve in life – both materialistically as well as in my “inner world”
Thank you for everything which has made me grow as a person into a better version of myself
Thank you for more of the fun, fantastic, loving, and light stuff

Finally – at last – my New Years rocket is ready to be launched:

One – Two – Three:

Happy New Year!

Amaru – and Esther Oekaer

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