Just for today, I will be without worry

Just for today, I will be without worry
Just for today, I will be without anger
Just for today, I will be grateful
Just for today, I will be honest to myself and others
Just for today, I will show love and respect to everybody and every living thing

Today and for the next 4 fridays, I will talk about each of the 5 Universal Principles of Mikao Usui. The Universal Principles of Reiki. Briefly, Mikao Usui is the person, who “refound” the Reiki method by the end of the 18th Century on the top of the Japanese mountain KURIYAMA. Most of my readers are probably aware that I both teach Reiki healing as well as use the method on clients.

Mikao Usui invented some simple principles, which can help us living our lives in harmony with ourselves and others (if we remember to use them).

Just for today I will be without worry
Many people worry in advance – very often for no reason. Worries breed more worries, and we might be so worried that we can hardly handle life. There are almost no limits to, what we can choose to worry about (please notice that I wrote “choose”).

  • Now he will be angry with me
  • I hope they didn’t have an accident
  • What if I do not have enough money for …..
  • What if, this happens ……..
  • Etc. etc…..

One day at a time
In fact, it is only your imagination, which sets the limits. The reason for writing “imagination” is that most of our worries are imaginary ones. When we worry, we are not present here and now – but somewhere in the future. Mikao Usui suggests that we “just for today” choose not to worry. When tomorrow comes, we can choose again. This way, we take small steps – one at a time.

Practise – based on Mikao Usui’s Universal principle

  • When you get up tomorrow – you think of something, which worries you
  • In the same way as you “chose” to worry about this “problem”, you choose to avoid worrying about it
  • After this, you imagine a balloon, into which you blow your worry. While the baloon is growing bigger, you let go of more and more of your worry
  • When your balloon is totally blown up and very big, you tie it with a knot – and let it god
  • Watch your worry balloon, flying up into the Universe
  • Watch your balloon getting smaller and smaller – until at last – it has totally disappeared,
  • Trust that the Universe will take care of your balloon, so your worry is no longer anything for you to worry about
  • All is good – right here – right now

A little variation might be that you let the balloon “explode”, when it is very far away from you in the Universe.l

How many balloons do you choose to let go of?

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is waiting for you!

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