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Spring Bubbles

Do you know this tingling feeling like bubbles filling your entire body? This is how I feel, when the spring begins to flourish. Flower buts – and early flowers are announcing that NOW – finally the spring is here! Well – it took some time – but here it is at last. This is the […]

Stop stressing!

I have chosen a photo from my journey to Peru, because this show people, who have chosen a life without any serious stress. Many people claim that they have stress. But what does it mean to have stress? How do you know that it is time gear down and change your focus to yourself? We […]

Are you protected?

Sometimes, we may all need to protect ourselves from being drained from energy and exhausted. Tine Krull Petersen – one of the readers of Esther’s Friday Blog – has suggested to me that I write on this subject. I guess that most of us recognize that when entering a room, we can feel heavy energy […]

Do you trust your self-esteem? part two

Last week I wrote about the difference between selfconfidence and and self-esteem – which are two different concepts – though connected I promissed that I would bring you one of the methods of building up your self confidence in order to get coser to a better self-esteem. Patience Please note that it is utmost important […]

Do you trust your self-esteem?

The Friday blog last week was about trusting that you deserve, when you are praised. The blog told about persons showing self confidence in their job and getting a receiving a lot of praise. Unfortunately, there bad self-esteem made it difficult for them to trusting that they were as good as other claimed. Many people […]

Bully – Bully – Bully – part 3 out of 4

When we left Gemsehopper’s daughter last week, she had had some years, when nobody had found out that she was strange. Gemsehopper’s daughter had become an adult. She had dealt with other challenges in life, which had all taken part in making her a strong. Therefore, Gemsehopper’s daughter had a lot of carriage in her […]