Are you protected?

Sometimes, we may all need to protect ourselves from being drained from energy and exhausted.

Tine Krull Petersen – one of the readers of Esther’s Friday Blog – has suggested to me that I write on this subject.

I guess that most of us recognize that when entering a room, we can feel heavy energy from one or more persons sitting there. This might influence us negatively, making us feeling ill – from exhaustion or maybe even a heavy incomprehensible sadness or other kind of discomfort.

Most vulnerable persons

Especially people being in a close contact to other human beings through their jobs – i.e. therapist, healers, social workers, etc. – are at risk of being drained from energy and feeling exhausted, when they return home from work. Well – yes – this might be “just” because they have been busy – but this isn’t necessarily the case. Even a therapist, healer, or any other person with a fellow human contact, may feel the same amount of exhaution as a person, who has been working for 7 hours.

Stress is an important factor, which might make us more vulnerable and susceptible to other people’s energy field. If you are a highly sensitive person, you will feel these influences more clearly.

We all experience periods of our lives, during which we are more or less exposed to these influences. So – please do not imagine that you are “protected” just because you are not mentioned here.

Why do we get exhausted?

What happens is that the energy field around our entire body has caught up on some impulses from the energy field of the other human being. Some might even experience that their energy “is eaten” by other human beings.

The closer we get to another human being – the more we are at risk of the person (or whatever is surrounding this person), will tap our energy. At the same time, we have collected the other person’s energy, which is not compatible with that of our own. This means that we might be able to feel – what the other person is feeling  or the effect of it.

What can we do to avoid being exhausted?

What can we do, if we are exposed to influences drainingus mentally, physically, and emotionally?

First of all, you need to be conscious about the situations, which are exhausting you the most. Maybe after performing personal care of the inhabitants of a nursing home? Or after having clients in therapy or at healing sessions? Or after discussing something with your sister on the phone? – Or?

Upon this, you can learn how to protect yourself – either before the situation –  if you are conscious about it – or whilst you are in the situation. This can be done by several methods. I am going to mention one very simple method, which can be done fast and easily. Another advantage of this method is that – although you are protected – you will still be present to other people instead of closing off completely and making you unapproachable.

The Golden Spiral

Simply imagine that you inhale a golden spiral through your pate all the way through your entire body. When you exhale, the spiral goes up again through your body again from your feet to your pate. Actually, this simple technique may produce small miracles. You might experience that suddenly you’ll be able to have conversations with people, which previously were very unpleasant. In case you feel the need for it, you may repeat the above a couple of times. I have used this spiral myself successfully many times both in connection with a meditation and on my way in of a door to a room.

The golden spiral is only one out of many other methods, which can be used for protection of your energy field.

 Other methods

If being drained energywise is a general problem for you, I suggest that you learn one or more methods either from me or from another instructor.

I supervise and teach in several kinds of protection – among others a very efficient protection meditation, which I have learned from a shaman many years ago.

Also within the Reiki and Inka tradition, there are good techniques. Read more about Reiki here

Read more about The Inca Tradition here

Take care of yourself. Remember – there is only one you – and you should last for the rest of your life.

Thank you to Tine Krull Petersen for the suggestion to my blog. You can also suggest a subject for my blog. Write to me here.

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