If I were to follow my heart – I would

I believe that most people know this sentence. We might have said it aloud – or we have had it as a thought. Very often, though, is this sentence followed by a “but”

“… but I cannot do that, because then …..”

Even though, we do know, what our hearts wish us to do – we very often do the exact opposite.

Why don’t we follow our hearts?
Often, we go against the wishes of our heart because of fear of the consequences. Not the good consequences of course -like the bubbling sensation – yes maybe even happiness, which may rise, if we follow our heart.

NO – our bad expectations to consequences, which might threaden our lifelyhood in one way or the other.

Maybe you hate your job – but dare not jump into something new due to fear of experiencing financial problems. Maybe you are in a bad relationshiop – but dare not end it due to fear of being alone. Maybe you need to make a choise between two possible choises, but dare not let the heart choose due to fear of the reaction of other people.

Counter arguments are blocking the heart in being heard
It might be difficult to follow your heart. There might be counter arguments, running around in your head trying to make you reject your heart but instead follow the road, which is the most “safe” and “secure”. Often you end up choosing the “safe/secure” road you. You might even imagine that you did in fact follow your heart – but at a point of time later on you’ll discover that you didn’t (It might even take many years, before you dicover this).

Practise makes perfect
How do we learn to follow our hearts? I can only speak from my own experience: Practise – Practise – Practise. Throughout my life, I have too often gone against my heart. By this, I have ended up big or minor unpleasant circumstances, before I have comprehended that this was all due to the fact that I did not listen to my heart, which was in fact shouting to me. Maybe I did in fact know this in beforehand and said: “Well, If I were to follow my heart…. I would”. And then I went against this anyway.

Luckily, I have become better at following my heart now.

Listen and feel
The situations, in which I have know for sure how to follow my heart, I feel this physically in my heart. In fact, very often before the thought has reached my brain. I feel this as a bubbling light sensation – or the opposite a heaviness or sadness. I can also use this consciously, if I reach a situation, in which I have chosen bewteen the road of the heart and the road of the mind (which unfortunately is not always the same). I move my consciousness to my heart – feel it – and act on it (hopefully).s

The stomach speaks for the heart
If you do not quite feel your heart yet, you can turn your consciousness to your stomach instead. Your stomach speaks loudly too – either with a bubbling lightness or a heavy knot.

Maybe you are still not experienced in feeling yourself physically either in your heart or your stomach. By practising mindfulness/meditation you can achieve a great insight – physically as well. You can become better at feeling yourself – and thereby you can learn how to follow your heart.

If you follow your heart – you are true to yourself
Practise being true to yourself and thereby saying yes to your heart!

Have a fantastic weekend – Life is wating for you.

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