Bully – Bully – Bully – part 3 out of 4

When we left Gemsehopper’s daughter last week, she had had some years, when nobody had found out that she was strange. Gemsehopper’s daughter had become an adult. She had dealt with other challenges in life, which had all taken part in making her a strong.

Therefore, Gemsehopper’s daughter had a lot of carriage in her backpack, when she met this new grown up and very stronge clique. This clique was strong because of the very strong clique leader.

The clique leader was a very clever man, so very soon he discovered that Gemsehopper’s daughter had a secret. The clique leader noticed that Gemsehopper’s daughter was strange.

The clique leader was also a very crafty man. At first, he pretended that Gemsehopper’s daughter wasn’t strange at all. The clique leader showed her that she was welcome to join the strong clique.

The clique leader was very good at pretending that he didn’t find that Gemsehopper’s daughter was strange.

Although from the very first approach, Gemsehopper’s daughter did have some negative premonitions as to the the the clique leader, she now believed that her premonitions had just been created by her imagination. For once, her strong intuition had failed. Gemsehopper’s daughter now believed that this was not a clique, but a group of spiritual persons. A group, who really looked upon her as an equal.

However, she was soon to realize that her prior intuition had told her the truth: Once again she had encountered a clique – and this time much stronger than ever before…..

And by this, I could go on and on telling the story about Gemsehopper and his daugther forever.

The big question is: Must it really continue?

Must human beings really continue to bully and be bullied from cradle to grave?

Aren’t you exaggerating a bit – Esther?

Maybe – but didn’t you never hear about parents, giving more attention to one child than to the others? Or bosses and employees, freezing out a colleaque, so he/she collapses? Or the inhabitants of a nursing home, who do not want to have dinner with old Marjory, because she is drooling, when she eats?

These are all examples of bullying. Some more severe than others.

The truth is that we have all been bullying others – most often without even knowing it.

When an ex-boyfriend claimed this a few years back, I protested loudly: ”No – I have never bullied anyone.”

Later on I considered this. Was this really the whole truth?

What about Jorgen in primary school, whom I and a friend had called and teased from a phone box?

And what about those incidents, when I myself had seen a person as being “strange”. Yes – I get really embarassed, when thinking about this. No – I do not really think that I have bullied anyone on purpose – except from Jorgen – (sorry about that Jorgen). But even thinking that another human being is strange is not a positive thought. Nobody really knows the background of this person or his/hers personal sufferings.

The big question is – whether a person being considered  as “strange” entitles other persons to bully him/her? Is it ok not to invite a person into a group – just because he/she is “different”?

I wonder what might happen, if we “dived into” this fellow human being – and invited him/her into our group?

What if cliques were abolished and replaced by open and more non-biased groups?

Read more next week – and please feel free to state your opinion – whether you agree or disagree with me.

Have fantastic weekend– Life is waiting for you!

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