Peru – An initiation Journey – part 2


The following is part two of my blog about my initiation journey to Peru. If you have not yet read part one, you can find it here.

On September 2017 we had been a little more adjusted to the latitude, when Don Juan Nuñez del Prado and his son son Ivan arrived to Cusco.

In the following 14 days, we were to attend a Hatun Karpay lloqe – a series of initiation ceremonies, which should awaken our left side (lloqe means left), which is covering our intuitive powers and competences and by this our personal powers.

Thus, we were going to experience some deep and intense ceremonies and initiations. As mentions previously, I will not elaborate on each of these ceremonies, but I will go into details in my book, when it is published.

The primary place of our initiations was in the beautiful Betlehem Church. I believe that you have to be very tough, if you are not affected by the atmosphere and energies at this place. Immediately, when sitting down on one of the benches, I became kind of meditative, so it was very easy to perform the ceremony as per the instructions of Juan.

We had to be at the church already at 7 o’clock in the morning. The church was not overcrowded, but the persons, who did attend (besides from our group) seemed to be very dedicated.  Ivan had instructed us not to show our  mishas in the church, but to perform the ritual silently within ourselves. The church is catholic, and this has to be respected.

The old priest were fumbling a bit with the holy scripts, but luckily he had a young assistant, who helped him finding the right paragraphs, etc. However, we couldn’t help smiling a bit.

The day proceeded by the ceremonial initiations – e.g. at the power place Tipon, where there are 7 holy wells, to which we should connect ourselves. Each of the 7 wells were placed at a plateau, so we ended up connecting ourselves to level no 7.

Travelling (i.e.wandering) from one level to the next, put me into a special emotion. Wandering in the footsteps of other pilgrims, who had wandered here for centuries. Maybe I am crazy – or maybe you have to be there yourself to comprehend this.

The same evening, we met Ricardo – a paqo on the 4th level from Q’ero, whom Juan and Ivan knows. He made a magic and beautiful despacho by coca leaves, candy, alcohol, glitter, and other ingredients for our group. Everyone of us should blow our three personal powers into the coca leaves: Llanqay, Yachay og Munay. (Physical power, mental power, heart/love power) After this, Ricardo put all of our leaves together with all the other coca leaves and blew our names into the despacho blended with blessings. After this despacho, the journey should be prosperous for all of us.

Ivan and Ricardo

Ivan and Ricardo

Yes – indeed -this was a very beatiful despacho. Ricardo put a lot of energy into his performance. The despacho was finalised after and all apu’s and paguarinas had been called upon and toasted to – in Pisco and redwine (the spirit helpers in Peru love alcohol, candy, and crisps).  After this the despacho was wrapped in beatiful gift paper (with printed hearts) and finally in a misha cloth.
The despacho

The despacho

By placing his misha and the despacho on our heads, Ricardo gave each of us a powerful healing and cleansing I believe this was a very emotional experience for most of us. Maybe, this also encourages us further to purchase the bracelets and misha cloths from him afterwards. 🙂 .

The Paqo Ricardo from Q'ero with his family

The Paqo Ricardo from Q’ero with his family

Eventually, according to the tradition, Ricardo burned the despacho. Fortunately, the hotel had a suitable fireplace. It wouldn’t have been quite appropriate to make a bonfire on the floor. 🙂

The next day, we visited the holy sanctuary Wanka, where we were to receive healing from the sacred wells. The road up to the sanctuary was stuffed with other travellers heading for the same site. Cars in a long queue, honking impatiently at each other, even though it was rather obvious that this was hopeless. This meant that we had to leave the bus and walk the rest of the way to the sanctuary.

Many peruvian families along the road sold sweaters, jewelry, and roasted guinea pigs. Yes, this is true. Roasted guinea pig should be quite a delicacy on the Peruvian menu cards. (However, I was only brave enough to eat lama).

Maybe, they also served some of their 4000 different kinds of potatoes. Yes – in fact there are 4000 various kinds of potatoes in Peru. Actually, the first potatoes were found in the Andes of Peru. I did get to taste 5 or 6 different kinds during my visit, so I still have a few thousands to look forward to. 🙂

After the healing from the wells, we encountered the sacred tree, which was “self-creating” on all levels. We were to connect to this tree at by this obtaining the same abilities as the tree. The tree was big and ausum and in a way very “trustworthy”, so this was an easy task. I went to the tree -placed my forehead on the trunk of the tree – and wow…. !

After this magic encounter, we were told to collect 7 stones, which we should place one by one at 7 crosses. We walked from cross to cross with a stone placed at our cosco (approx. solar plexus/navel area). By this we filled up the stone with one of our bad personal characteristics, after which we placed the stone (including the bad characteristic) by a cross and brought the next stone to the next crosss.

The piles of stones at the crosses told their own story.

Finally, we burned some candels, symbolizing wishes. We and the candles had been blessed beforehand by a sacred stone, which we had queued to touch through a hole in the wall inside the sanctuary. There was a special atmosphere and oneness feeling among us,when we burned the candles. All of us sat silently and watched the lights burning down.

The following days were filled with good ceremonial rituals and initiations, which lifted me into a state, where I felt the entire me. Among other places a site with a female and male temple placed a little aside from each other. here, I felt a special energy already en route in the bus. (Oh – yes – I know – this sounds strange). I felt a that I had been at this exact place before.

This experience was even stronger, when we visited Amaru – our hidden power helper from the underworld – an anaconda. The anaconda (the Amaru) is also the symbol of our personal power and our creative power. Besides from using the anaconda spiritually, the anaconda is used as a kind of watch dog for some families and Peru. Ivan told us about huge anacondas lying in the gardens, watcing out for their families and playing with the children.

On this sacred Amaru site, there was an Amaru cut in a big stone (see photo). Each by each we all placed ourselves under the head of the Amaru in order to connect to our own Amaru. I must say – this was a very convincing experience for me. I lost the control over my own body, which started shaking. My right hand vibrated so much that it looked as if I was waving. A huge (and strange) experience, which had such an impact on me that I cried afterwards.

In my blog next week, I will continue by telling part 3 of my adventurous initiation journey to Peru – with a brief stop at Copacabana

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