Healing, Therapi and Coaching
at Esther Økær


We can all need healing. If you get a healing session with Esther Økær (or Oekaer, if you want to know, how it is pronounced), you will meet a person, who is known for being very good at holding the space for you. You will feel that you are 100 per cent met as a person. You can choose between in person sessions or online sessions via Zoom or Skype. Furthermore, I offer distant healing, where we do not need to talk or see each other.

When I do healing sessions, I use a mixture of Reiki healing, Inca Healing, and Christ Conschiousness healing. If you want to book a session, please use the link at the bottom of this page.

Soul Body Fusion®

Soul Body Fusion was “discovered” by Jonette Crowley. It is a faboulous method of merging your soul and body to each other. We are often disconnected because of traumas, stress, depression, etc. This make us distance ourselves from our souls and blocking us from living our lives fully. Besides from giving whole sessions with SBF, I often do that in sessions before using my other healing tools.

I also do online and in person certification courses in Soul Body Fusion. Read more under Courses.

QTTT Trauma healing and therapy

My latest tool, which I am very proud of being able to offer, as it is a very strong tool. I was one of the first ones being certified in this unique technique by Jen McCarty, UK.

Read much more here: Quantum Time Travel Technique

Coaching, and TFT/EFT

I am a certified NLP coach and TFT/EFT therapist as well as a lot of other certifications. My passion in life is to help people finding their own inner wisdom and core. Most of all, I find it essential that everybody feel that they are equal and deserve the best at all times. This can be strengthened by working on your self-esteem as well as all the traumas of your life.

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