Sweet Christmas – Part 2

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yes – in this sweet Christmas time, we hurry around in order to make it in time before Christmas. How many of us do really have the time to enjoy the Christmas month?

I have very mixed feelings in regards of Christmas:

If you visits my home right now, nothing will remind you of Christmas. Well – except for that Christmas card on the table – and maybe the smell of newly baked Christmas cookies. That being said -I have no angels, or Santas, or Christmas candles. And the misteltoe hanging at my entrance has been hanging there since last Christmas – to be renewed once a year.

Why is it that I haven’t decorated for Christmas? Hmmm – I seem to remember that I was rather fond of decorating for Christmas, when I was young. This was one of these things, which was “normal”, when you were newly wed (21 years old) and had to make sure that all traditions are taken care of (I also had a big garden of vegetables and berries, and I always had freshly baked bread in the freezer). Later on, the children arrived, and then you have to have angels, santas, and elves everywhere.

In the exact moment, the dear children had moved out, everything changed. Suddenly, I lived alone and could “decide everything for myself”. This included decorating less for Christmas.

In Denmark, we have a saying – that Christmas is the “festival of the hearts”

The problem is that many of these hearts are beating a little to fast during the Christmas month. They are stressed out by everything they have to do before Christmas: decorating, Christmas presents, Christmas food etc. etc. In between all these cosy tasks, they also have to go to work, clean their homes, do their laundry, and cook for the family. And when – at last -they get to Christmas eve – the time of celebrating the effect of all this Christmas stress – they are completely exhausted. On the other hand, they can be proud that once again, they made it in time, before the candles on the Christmas tree are lit.

Yeah – yeah – I know. Maybe I sound more negative than intended. All things being equal, I am participating myself in the Christmas race – buying presents and planning the Christmas dinner. I just imagine that it would be fantastic, if Christmas didn’t have to be such a performance race.

By the way – I am going to decorate for Christmas before the 23rd of December, when my grandson is visitting from Spain. And I am looking so much forward to this.

Take care of yourself this last week before the “festival of the hearts”.

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