Sweet Christmas – part 3

Now – we are almost there – Christmas is near.

You are probably still doing all your Christmas preparations. Maybe there is still a little stress. Or maybe even more stress now, when Christmas is so nearby.

Do not dispair my dear friend.
if the gift you are looking for has been sold out – it will be back in the shops after Christmas.
If the Christmas duck (or turkey) isn’t as big, as normally – you can eat more of the other stuff (in Denmark pork roach)
If you didn’t catch all the dust under the sofa – the whole floor will be full of used Christmas wrapping paper very soon.
If the children “accidentally” ate all the Christmas cookies before Christmas – (because you didn’t hide them well enough on the shelf) – well then there are plenty of other kinds of sweet stuff; and you must admit that it is a little nice to know that your children love your cookies so much that they couldn’t wait 🙂

Once in a while – stop and take deep breaths!

Christmas will come – even though you don’t stress!

Let the Christmas peace fill you and your home! Be good to yourself and others – those nearby as well as far away!

Merry Christmas to all my readers!


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