Life is waiting for you!

It happened. It’s 2018.

As usual,  the year was in a hurry to end. January 2017 seems to be just a few months ago.

Did we accomplish everything, we planned for/wished for? Or do we still have unreleased/unsolved challenges, tasks, and wishes waiting for us? Waiting for us because we couldn’t pull ourselves together – because we didn’t know, if we could cope – because it was too complex – or because we didn’t feel that we deserved it – or that we were good enough – or…… –

I wrote about this in my New Year Rocket blog last week. Now the New Year Rocket has landed (hopefully safely) on the other side of 2017. You are probably aware of, what you have chosen to bring along into 2018.

Well – NOW – it is time!

But take it easy – no stress – you will get there. Now, it is time to choose to do everything calmly – and yet still accomplish what you wished for.

You can chooose to start your day by consciously deciding how you would like your day to be today. You do this exercise, as soon has you are awake. Maybe you already know how to meditate, so you choose to sit up during the performance, but this exercise works just as fine, when you are lying down. The only thing, which is important, is that you do it in the exact same moment, you are awake. This is when your subconsciousness is most eager “to play along”.

Now you visualize, how you would like your day to be. Maybe you visualize that you reach the metro without having to run for it. You visualize that there is a nice vacant window seat, on which you sit down. Upon your arrival at your job, your boss greets you smilingly (normally he is a little grumpy in the mornings). This way, you go through as much of your day, as you wish to make an imprint on. You also visualize that if you meet any unforseen challenges, you manage these calmly, grounded, and with clarity.
During the visualization, you are observant of your breath.

The entire visualization doesn’t need to take more than 5-7 minutes – but if you feel like doing it for a longer time, please feel free to so.

Now, you are ready to seize the day with a presence and readyness to meet whatever is coming.

Before you go to sleep at night, you choose at least three things from your day, which you are grateful for. This way, your day will end in the same calm and positive way, which it was started.

If you practise these two easy exercises every day, you may find that you are gaining more positivity, peace, and presence in your everyday life. And – when you reach 2019 – you might discover that you have released/solved a little more than you “normally” do in a year.

Remember to be present in the moment. And remember – life is waiting for you!

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Photo – Freeimages – Maria Kallas

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