The bear is sleeping

January – dark – grey – heavy – and very long! Anyway, it feels like it is long!

The new year has barely begun with happiness, song and “Happy New Year”, before you realize that now January is lying there in front of you – cold and threathening.

  • Sales in the shops which you cannot afford, because you have spent all your money on Christmas
  • A payment statement from the bank, telling you that it is time for big quarterly payments
  • A weather, which cannot decide, whether it is really to be frosty or have spring feelings
  • The car telling you that January does in fact mean frost, when you start de-icing the windows too late before going to work
  • The extra pounds you have gained after the Christmas food
  • The bed, which feels even more alluring in the mornings after the alarm has called on you for action
  • Maybe you feel lazy, lethargic, and sad
  • The darkness waiting for you in the mornings on the way to work and at night when returning home

Do not despair my dear friend. The days are getting longer – and the light is winning. Today on 12 January the day has been extended by 30 minutes since Winter Solstice. This is a good sign. And just the other day, I noticed that a person on Facebook had posted some small flowers growing up from the ground searching for the light.

Instead of dispairing, think of the bear, who goes hiping, until it is time to go hunting again. Allow yourself to rest and recharge according to your need and opportunity. Darkness invites you to rest – not activity.

Although, you might have to go to work, you can choose to see this drowsy time as a period, in which you are restituting yourself and preparing yourself for the spring and the rest of the year. A period, which you use as self-nourisment. I could make a long “how-to-do-it-list” with ideas for self-nourisment. But self-nourisment is different from person to person. To some people it means meditation and yoga – for others it means a glass of red wine.

The most important is that you allow yourself to do exactly, what gives you self-nourishment and helps you though the winter, so that you reach Spring filled with energy and optimism.

Remember  – It will get better and better day by day. The light WILL come!

Thank you to Irene for inspiring me to the “Esther’s Friday Blog” this week.

(Bloggens indhold er ikke sponsoreret/contents of the blog have not been sponsored)

Photo: Freeimages – Iwan Beijes

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