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Bully – bully – bully part 2 out of 4

When pausing the story about "Gemsehopper" in part one, Gemsehopper…

Bully- bully – bully – part 1 out of 4

This is the story about the boy, who was called "Gemsehopper"…

Are you also fond of Displacement Activities?

I wonder, if other people are using displacement activitities…

People come – People go ……..

Yes - people come - people go. The only thing, of which you can…

The bear is sleeping

January - dark - grey - heavy - and very long! Anyway, it feels…

Life is waiting for you!

It happened. It's 2018. As usual,  the year was in a hurry…

Sweet Christmas – part 3

Now - we are almost there - Christmas is near. You are probably…

Sweet Christmas – Part 2

Esther's Friday Blog yes - in this sweet Christmas time, we…

Sweet Christmas

Oh no – I did it again!

Esther's Friday Blog Thank you Birgitte for the idea of the…

Ayni – your new favourite word

Esther's Friday Blog (Thank you to Karina for suggesting the…

What a waste of time!

This headline will be the start of the "Esther's Friday Blog"…

Is your glass half empty?

Esther's Friday Blog Do you also think that you are bombed by…

As soon as I get …… then I’ll be happy!

  Esther's Friday Blog 8 September 2017 Don’t we…

I’ll never forgive you!!

  Esther's Friday Blog - 1 September 2017 In my Monday…

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Life is waiting for you!

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